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Story Submitted by Richard:

I met Sia on a dating site and we went out to eat for our date.  It was meant to be just dinner, because afterward I had plans to meet up with a small group of friends.  I had explained this to Sia, and she claimed to understand my words.  I thought that the date went well, and I was excited to learn more about her.

I called my friends after dinner, and all of them bailed except for one, Adina, who I met up with nearby.  We did coffee, took a walk, hugged goodbye, and that was my friendly meet-up with Adina.

I called Sia the next day and there was no answer.  I left a voicemail.  She didn't reach out to me at all.

Just to be safe, though, I called her again a week later.  She picked up with a, "What?"

I was confused, as I remembered a positive experience from the date.  I told her that I just wanted to be sure that she received my first voicemail and that I had a good time with her.

She replied, "You're a fucking liar.  I watched you with that other girl right after our date.  You were with her for hours.  You said that you were going out with friends, you fucking liar."

I explained the situation to her, or tried to, because she shouted over my words with variously-colored language.  At one point, she said, "I saw you kiss her!"

That was a blatant lie.  I had never done any such thing.  I said, "Now who's the liar?" and hung up.

She called me right back.  I picked up and asked, "Calling to apologize?"  She went right back into screaming and stomping, and I hung up on her again, for the last time.


  1. "Now who's the liar"?


  2. Double booking is for players. What did you expect her to think?

  3. Her watching him for what sounds like hours afterward is the weird thing here. He's allowed to have friends.

  4. ^ I agree. She's obviously the jealous and possessive type.

    Even if he did kiss the other girl, so what? It was their first date; they weren't mutually exclusive.

  5. Exactly Baku-chan, I am so flabbergasted by people that behave so jealously after only one date. Or even on the date. Remember the chick that couldn't stand her date looking at the waitress while he was ordering? Whoa.

  6. She was a psycho, plain and simple. She basically stalked a guy she had just met for HOURS because of trust issues. I would have hung up on her too if she was yelling over me and not letting me get a word in! I agree that might have looked suspicious when he was with another girl (it probably looked like another date to her), but she could have been calm and rational about it. It's not like he was her boyfriend and she was trying to catch him cheating.

  7. From the way I see it, she wasn't a psycho. She was just pissed. It's not like she kept bugging him and bugging him, she stopped talking to him. Granted, she should have probably found out exactly what was going on before getting angry, you still gotta admit what he did would look pretty shady. Yeah it was a little weird that she watched them for hours, but it's not like she went all psycho on him afterward. And he was a douche for hanging up on her and saying "Now who's the liar?" to her like a 15 year old or something.


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