How Soon Can You Be Here?

E-mail Submitted by Cheri:

hi how r u? i read your profile it is match to me first I,am 32 young never married slim with black hair 68 kg 5 ,9 fit and single  i live alone,i do not have any permanent job i,am from asia it is called NEPAL, KATHMANDU it is small and beautyfull country but i do not like my country because it is bore with out job,i,am not dark i,am not very white i,m middle color of person you can see my picture

well i,am telling you this is all because i,like aged foreigner woman because they  are educated they know about life  or many more about successfull life. so i see you picture it was so sexy and nice i really like you.but i need to know you like me or not? i do not care age honey i care your heart  what do you have inside like that,i,am looking for woman who can like me love give satisfy about sex and other, because i,am very sexy i do not have any girlfriend this is why i aalways satisfy by masturbation. so i will stop this when i find you.

so i like to be there in your country forever with you as a permanent boyfriend or husband ,it is totally your choice write me?

after i will star some job in your country any general job and  i will earn money for you and me. so can you please send me the sponsor letter through my mailling address i will give you later if you like? if you like to share some your feeelings so you  can send by email.

i,am serious person i do not like to play game this is why i hve choosen you for long term relationship honey i,am not like man of your country they just like sex or injoy after no relation that is not life i do not care about your past.but our future would be joyfull i will try ..and i do not like to be father.  please answer me what kind of person are you looking for?

Your young friend


  1. ...not too sure...but it sounds a little fishy to me!
    I mean, I'm in a relationship and I'm still 'beating the meat' on a regular basis.

  2. This is the best email scam letter of all time. I wish he had mentioned that he had $1,000,000 in a trust fund for you because you won the international lottery by being selected by him to be his new mate. Or that he and his family are going on a missionary mission to Africa, so he wants to sublet you his house. (This is a common ad on Craigslist in Bmore. Has anyone else seen this?)

  3. So would it be mean of me to tell him his sponsor letter for citizenship is in the mail?

    also, it's funny that he says he likes "aged foreign women" yet I am younger than he is, lol

  4. omg yes please say you're gonna send him a letter.


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