She'll Leave You Breathless

Story Submitted by George:

I had a friend, Kayla, who had been dating another woman, Alana, for three months.  We hung out together a few times in groups of mutual friends, but it seemed as though Alana was taking more and more of an interest in me.

This was confirmed when we were all at a bar and I went outside for a cigarette.  Alana followed me out.  I offered her a cigarette and she said that she didn't smoke, but she took my hand and pressed it to her face.

She said, "I want to go somewhere alone with you."

I asked, "What about Kayla?"

She said, "We won't be long."

We walked until we found a quiet side street with a small playground.  She said, "You are so fucking hot.  You know that?"

She had been drinking.  Both of us had, but she more so.  Way more so.

I said, "We should head back.  Kayla's going to wonder where you are."

"Fuck Kayla," she said, leaning closer, "Oh wait... I do... and she's really bad at it."  She laughed.

Kayla had been a friend of mine for a while, and I wasn't about to betray her.  Much as I wanted to grab Alana in my arms, I didn't.  I stepped away.

She grabbed the collar of my shirt, pulled me off-balance, and choked me with her hands.

I ripped away from her and ran off, back to the bar.

She didn't come back.  I didn't tell Kayla what had happened, but figured that I'd probably have to, as Alana might have decided to mention something to her.

Alana broke up with Kayla the next day.

I'm not sure how Alana found my e-mail address, but I received a message from her that could only be rivaled in length by a Russian novel.  I didn't read most of it, but it was mostly her life story, blaming drugs, former girlfriends, former boyfriends, her family, her medication, her dog, her teachers, he classmates, everyone for the way that she was.

It screamed loneliness, and the parts I read made me feel bad for her, but not bad enough to write back.


  1. Seconded.
    Also, not a date. Just a pointless rambling fantasy. Lame to the power of 20.

  2. I don't think it's fake, just embellished to try to make to OP look cool (fail)

    But even in its current state, it's lame to the highest degree.

  3. "Kayla had been a friend of mine for a while, and I wasn't about to betray her. Much as I wanted to grab Alana in my arms, I didn't. I stepped away."

    This is when I knew...KNEW I had crossed into fantasy land.

    Just to clarify, I'm not doubting that a guy would turn down a chance to get laid because "mens be so" whatever. It's just the sophomoric writing style.

  4. It's really just the writing. It's like a wannabe bad fantasy.

  5. Is this...A bad case of the 'Penthouse Fake Letters' site?


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