I Dated a Time Lord

Story Submitted by Brenda:

Max messaged me online, we progressed to phone calls, and he finally asked me out.

He told me to meet him at 110 Iroquois Lane in Wexford.  When I was in my car and punched the address into my GPS, it came back as nonexistent.  I figured that he had made a mistake and so I called him up and left a message.

He texted back.  "Can't pick up.  Just get here," then followed up with, "Just get here" twice more.

I texted back, "There is no 110 Iroquois in Wexford.  Is that the right address?"

No response.  I tried calling once more, but I didn't leave a message.  As I had no idea where he wanted me to go, I didn't go anywhere, and I ended up ordering in Chinese that night.

I wrote him a message the next day, as nice as possible, telling him that I wasn't too impressed with the way he had handled things, although I would wait to hear his explanation.

No explanation came, but a week later (yes, a week), he texted back, "110 Iroquois, Wexford.  Just get here."

I didn't respond.  Not even when he sent me another text, left a voicemail, and wrote me an e-mail explaining that he was trapped in a "timerip" (his word) for the past week due to an inter-dimensional battle, but that he still really wanted to meet up for drinks.


  1. Nothing like a relaxing drink after an inter-dimensional battle

  2. With a bit of the mind-slip, you could have been into his "timerip."

  3. I believe he meant 110 Iroquois Pl in Cadillac, MI (Wexford county). This man sounds amazing! Go to him, there may still be time!

  4. Refusing to meet a man just because he's stuck in a timerip! Have a little understanding. Interdimensional battles are nothing to cough at.

  5. This is amazing. With an excuse like that, I might have actually gone out with him :).

  6. You should have wrote, "I'm coming to find you in the future...leave me a text and I'll get back to you last week"


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