Love Me, Love My Glasses

E-mail Submitted by Elise:

It's me again.

I deleted my profile and made another one. This dumb girl freaked out because I found her twitter account and showed up at her work when she mentioned on twitter where and when she was working.

It seemed like a good time to "start over". You didn't reply to me before, but since you're showing up high on my list again, I thought I'd write you again. Maybe you're one of those people who think that I'll take you ignoring me as a "no". That just doesn't happen, though.

It's always the same. They just flip out and go crazy one day, telling me that they'll "report me" if I ever contact them again. It's so retarded. They're almost as brain-dead as a Republican. It never occurs to them to just "say no".

I'm not sure why I seem to scare people so much. Maybe they can tell that I'm not a good, lobotomized citizen of society like all the rest of the cattle.

Did anyone ever tell you you look like Christopher Reeve? Maybe it's the glasses.  I think you should wear a different style. Smaller lenses. Thin wire frame or semi-frameless, like mine.

Even Sarah Palin wears frameless glasses. I think I'll look at the frames next time I'm at Costco.

So what's new?


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