That's What Curbs Are For

Story Submitted by Ron:

Emma and I hadn't really gotten to know each other too well when she floated the idea of going on a date.  "There's only so much about a person that they reveal about themselves via e-mail," she said, "Why not find out if we click earlier?"

I couldn't find much at fault with her logic, but in person, I learned quite a bit about her, and very quickly.

I arrived at the diner first, and she showed up a couple of minutes later.

"Sorry," she said, "I stepped in dog shit outside."

She took off her shoe and asked, "Do you mind?" and scraped her filthy shoe off on the edge of the tabletop.  She wiped up the mess with a napkin right after, but I had completely lost my appetite – and my interest – in her.

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  1. This sounds like A Bad Case of the Saw You from Outside and Immediately Regretted Meeting up so She Had to Do Something to Get you to End the Date Quickly.

    Or, in short: abcotsyfoairmusshtdstgytetdq.


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