And After You Hunt Them Down?

E-mail Submitted by Lora:

Are you a good grrrl?

Good grrls don't complain, don't cry, and don't mutter sad curses under their breath when I come home late from work.  Just because I come home late doesn't mean I'm cheating on you!  Sometimes it means that I'm working!  Othert times it means that I'm working!

I work odd jobs sometimes late.  I just want a girl to UNDERSTAND and LISTEN from time to time.  Don't go running off to cry at your sisters and don't go running off to my friend's house to cry on his shoulder and sleep in his bed.  That's heppened to me too many times to count.  I always hunt them down in the end.

They say that al women are evil but their wrong!  I think you can prove them wrong.  Can you prove them wrong?  You and I both like disco music, the godfather, and card games I can teach you some card games all you have to do is ask.......

Keep it coming,


  1. Don't leave us in suspense, Lora. Did you, in fact, keep it coming?

  2. I am not a good grrl. I am, however, a good girl.

  3. Why are there so many people out there who only seem to contact people on dating sites just so they can rant about their exes and then get blocked for being creepy psychos? People, it's called therapy; try it.


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