How Silly of Me. I'll Fix it at Once.

E-mail Submitted by Colin:

I write this to every guy who has "watching movies" listed on his profile.  NEWSFLASH!!!!: women know that "watching movies" means "having sex while watching movies".  Don't change what you have on your profile.  Just be honest from now on.



  1. If he's supposed to "be honest from now on" and indicate that when he says he enjoys "watching movies" he really means "watching movies *wink wink nudge nudge*" then how can he achieve that without changing what he has in his profile?

  2. ^ Perhaps he can set it up so that a telepathic message will be sent to everyone who visits his profile.

  3. ...WHILE watching movies? Really?

    1. Yeah, who would do that? Sex and movies are both fun, but I'd rather be able to enjoy either one without distraction from the other.

      Snuggling and petting while watching a movie, however...

  4. ^It's incredibly hard (no pun intended) to do both. I had to see "Jurassic Park" three times and "Benny & Joon" twice before I finally got to see them all the way through.


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