Sounds Like We Have a Deal

E-mail Submitted by Niya:

You seem like a real-life diamond in the rough.  Permit me to introduce myself: I'm Jeremy.

I love taking care of a woman the way she deserves to be taken care of.  This means a lot of paying, a lot of pampering, and a lot of listening on my part.  It's okay, I understand.  Women should and must be treated like a woman.  A good woman will go crazy if you don't treat her right.

In exchange, a man should be treated like a good man.  I like giving and taking in relationships, and there should be a culture of that.  This means a lot of fucking, on your part.

Too many women are takers and not enough are givers.  I wrote you this message because you imply in your profile that you are a giver and taker.  I have been with women who take too much, none who give too much, and some who give a little and take a lot.

Hope to hear from you.

All best,


  1. Did he just call her a hooker?

  2. Did he just change his name???

  3. When I read these stories, in my head all these douchebags look and sound exactly like Ron Burgundy, and probably think that their sex appeal and awesomeness work just like his... but for real.

  4. At least Ron Burgundy could love.


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