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E-mail Submitted by Sasha:

I'm a nice guy looking for a normal girl.  I like fun nights out and quiet nights alone with you.

I pump gas at two stations (part time) and work on my music whenever I'm not at work.  I've written seven songs and my friend knows an agent in Salt Lake City who wants to sign me.

I like revealing secrets and the government has written me two letters asking me to stop.  I know a lot about 9/11 and what the government's hiding.  Did you know that no government employees died on 9/11?  Everyone who died in the Pentagon missle attack was actually a lifer in a federal prison.  Three buses full of inmates were delivered to the Pentagon earlier that day (I have footage proving it and it's worth a lot of money) to die and they didn't know that they were stand-ins.  What a terrible thing to do, even to inmates.

It's important to me that you write back, so I hope that you do and we can discuss whatever you'd like.



  1. Dude needs therapy. Paranoid schizophrenia can be debilitating.

  2. I actually wouldn't be surprised to find out that everything he said is true.

  3. If he was really leaking 9-11 secrets that the government was concerned about, he would mysteriously "disappear"

  4. My mother's friend actually died at the Pentagon and she was not at all a criminal. sigh...


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