After-School Activities

Submitted by Lori:

Steve and I met while doing volunteer work at an after-school program for homeless children.  I was connected to it through a local charity, and he found his way there through his college.

We basically spent the time keeping the kids occupied, watching them, playing with them, and making sure that their parents picked them up at the end of the day.  We'd then spend about 10-15 minutes cleaning the place up and making sure that it was ready for the teachers the following morning.

Steve and I became close, and our playful banter during clean-up time soon flowed into flirting.  One day after work, he asked me out.  I was pretty excited, as he was an exciting, handsome guy, and I enjoyed spending time with him at work.  Plus, he always let the kids climb all over him, and that always made me smile.

On the night of the date, he picked me up at my house and he drove me... to the school where we worked.

I asked him what we were doing there, and he pulled out a key on a key ring and twirled it around his finger.  That was surprising, as I was never given a key to the place, myself.  Why would I?  We were just after-school helpers.  Why would he have one?

He said, "I thought we could have some fun.  You know.  Inside."

I asked him, "How'd you get a key?"

All he answered was, "Come on."

He stepped out of the car.

I called after him, "I don't really want to.  Can we do dinner and we'll see what happens afterward?"

He closed his door and walked up to the building.  I opened my door and called out, "What if it's alarmed?"

He said, "It's a school."  He put the key in a side door and opened it.

All at once, he turned back to me and ran for the car.  He threw himself in and turned it on.

"Shit," he said, "There's an alarm!"

He backed out of the parking space and we zoomed down the street, through a red light.

"Slow down!" I shouted.  He pulled over to a side street and parked.  My heart was thumping.  His hands gripped the wheel.

Shaking, I said, "I'd like to go home."

He asked, "Is anyone else there?"

"My parents."

"So why would you want to go home?  Let's do dinner."

He took me to a Burger King, and once we were done there, he asked me if I knew anyplace where we could be alone.

I told him, "Maybe next time," and he drove me home.

There was no mention by anyone the next day about the alarm going off, and I wasn't going to say anything.  Steve and I still worked together for a couple of months, but every time he asked me out after that, for some reason or another, I ensured that I was too busy.


  1. Well, he certainly dodged a bullet here...

  2. ^ What did the OP do that made HER the bullet?

  3. Well, he was up for sexy fun time and she wanted dinner at maybe, Applebees as opposed to BK (I'll forgive a poor student) and some how-was-your-day banter. Since she already knew she was attracted to him, knew him pretty well and was flirting with him, I think she should have just suggested a drive to Lover's Lane for a make out session. You just have to let it go sometimes. I think you missed some hot fun.

  4. The story seems like the OP doesn't understand how far she was flirting... It could well be that the guy misunderstood too.

    Clear misunderstanding. It sounds like the guy flirted for a whole semester of college and knew that he had to make his move now-or-never as he'd never see the OP again if he didn't establish something more than a quasi friendship.

  5. Sounds like the guy fantasized about her, and wanted her to make the fantasy come true. Y'know, getting it on in the middle of your workplace with your sexy co-worker sounds pretty hot.

    Too bad she was just there to fulfill the fantasy, not as a date but sex toy. Did he really think that all the time she was taking care of kids she was actually dreaming of throwing him down then and there and having her way with him? Why do young guys take porn movies as "How To" guides?


  6. "Clear misunderstanding."


    Peter, he thought she was a fuckdoll from a cheesy porn. It didn't even occur to him go on a date, just go to the one place that features in your fantasies? He thought she was so in lust that the mere sight of him in their place of work was gonna get her horny?

    You gotta work pretty hard to misunderstand that.

  7. Agreed with all who agreed that the dude was a classic college skeezoid who watches too much porn. A bad case of the trying too hards and nothing thinking things through...like the alarm system. And the possibility that she might not want to fuck before dinner. And the possibility that she might not be the type of girl who'd like to bone in a classroom for homeless children.

    And the speeding through a red light like he was a cop? Nothing kills a lady boner like almost dying in the car of someone who treats you like a blow-up doll.


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