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Submitted by Diane:

James seemed like a really nice guy over e-mail, so after a little while I felt good about meeting up with him in person.

He showed up looking good, but he dragged a huge black duffel bag with him.

I asked him what was with the bag.  He told me that he was coming from work.  He had told me before that he was a part-time coach (and part-time sales associate) so I figured it was all just some soccer equipment, although it mystified me as to how he had enough time to change into something nice but not enough time to drop off his equipment before the date.

At dinner, though, the truth came out.  Earlier in the day, he had been kicked out of his parents' house and the bag carried everything that he owned.

I felt terrible for him and asked him what he was going to do.

He explained that he had to stay in the area because of his jobs, and then asked me if he could stay at my place.

I was taken a bit aback, as we had just met, but I felt as though I knew him well enough to trust him.  I asked him how long he'd need to stay.

He said that he wasn't too sure.  A week at the most.

I told him that a week was a little too long.  Would he settle for a night?

He said that he would.  I told him that I had a couch.  After dinner, we went to my place to set him up.

A little after we had gone to bed, he came into my bedroom and he sat down on my bed!  He asked me if we could sleep together.

I told him that we couldn't, and asked him to go back to the couch.  He did, and the next morning, I told him that I wanted him to leave.

He called me all sorts of nasty things (the nicest of which was, "You're just like my parents").

He was probably right.  I'd bet that they wouldn't sleep with him if he asked, either.


  1. Seven-Thirty9/13/2010 10:15 AM

    Congrats to the OP. She dodged a prick. A close call but she got out of the way just in time. Probably didn't sleep too well that night, though.

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  3. If he wasn't so lazy, he might have raped you, OP.

  4. Holy god, how could you invite someone you just met back to your place to spend the night when he's CARRYING A BLACK DUFFLE BAG! I guess I'm the only person that has a warped mind enough to think that he could pack your quartered body nicely into the bag right next to his kill tools. Guess you were lucky and dodged a bad case of the "I almost got fucking murdered"s.

  5. Seven-Thirty9/13/2010 1:33 PM

    Architect, how can you get through life if you are suspicious of every homeless man carrying a large black duffel bag? You think there murder weapons in it, but more likely than not there was nothing but some dirty clothes and his meth cooking kit.

  6. How long were you in contact with this guy? You trusted him to let him stay in your house based on some email and a few hours of being with him? After he lied about what was in the bag? Are you out of your mind? What if he turned out to be a rapist? Or a stalker? He knows where you live!

  7. This story is almost as sad as the guy who showed up to the date and asked for gas money.

  8. This just goes to show. James should've just washed the dishes and everything would be alright.

  9. Wow, well there's a new strategy to getting a girl in bed: tell her that your parents kicked you out and you are too lame to have any friends so you have to stay over at her place. And then when she agrees you creep into her bedroom while she is sleeping and ask if you could crawl into bed with her.

    I'm surprised that didn't work.

  10. @9:21, you are right!

    He sounds DREAMY!

  11. Of course the OP would let a perfect stranger (oh, wait, they emailed for a few weeks so they were BFFs right?) into her home. Especially one who came to a first date with a hobo sack from their PARENTS' house then played lazy rapist...

  12. Hahahahaha oh man alive. What some women will do because they're naive enough to think the world is full of nice guys who are just down on their luck.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMtZfW2z9dw

    Now that he knows where you live, he might climb in your window and rape you. Listen to the song OP. Antoine Dodson knows about rapists.

  14. I love how everyone's making a big deal that she let him sleep over for a night without knowing him that long.

    Guys its a one night stand without the sex lol wtf is the big deal. If she had liked the kid and taking him home to bang and he stayed the night it wouldnt have mattered.

  15. @10:44 - hahaha I love that vid! So addictive :P

  16. I was attacked.
    By some idiot in the projects.


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