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Submitted by Paul:

I met Mari at a tag sale that she was running.  We spent over an hour talking, and she gave me her number.  I bought a couple of books, because I would've felt weird if I didn't purchase anything.  It was a tag sale, after all.

I called her a day or so later to arrange a date.  She said that she was too busy for the following three weeks to do anything.  I guessed that it might have been her way of blowing me off, so I asked her to let me know if a time opened up in her schedule.

Despite not meeting up, we stayed in pretty constant contact.  She'd call me or I'd call her and we'd talk regularly, sometimes for over an hour at a time.  It was nice thing to look forward to, most days.

It started sounding a little red-flag when she said that she wasn't in touch with any of her former boyfriends.  "They just block me out of their lives.  I have no idea why," she said.

At the time, I replied, "That's terrible," but I couldn't help thinking, "Why?"

After a couple of weeks of conversation, she wrote me an e-mail about a funny work incident that happened to her that day.  I read it, chuckled, and went on with my business for the day.

Shortly afterward, she called.  It was polite and civil for a few moments.  She asked me if I had read her message, and I told her that I had, and that it was funny.

Then she asked, "Can you meet up tonight?  I want to talk to you about something."

I was thrilled that she had an opening in her schedule, but it seemed pretty abrupt.  I asked her if everything was okay, and all that she said was that she had to talk to me about something.  I asked her for more details, but it seemed to upset her.  We made hasty plans and ended the conversation.

The front of the local library was where we had chosen to meet.  It was right by the downtown area, and though I was nervous about the sudden nature of our meeting, I was looking forward to dinner and a date.

She stormed down the sidewalk at me, pointed a finger in my face, and said, "We need to talk."

I said, "Okay.  Should we sit down somewhere?"

"No, we'll do this right here," she said, "You didn't even read the e-mail I sent you, did you?"

I said that I did, and even volunteered specific details from it.

She shook her head and said, "No, no, that's not what I wrote.  Okay, you obviously didn't read it."

I pulled out my phone, which has access to my e-mail, and I said, "I can prove it.  But I don't see what the big deal is."

She made a grab for my phone, but I backed away.

"Back off, psycho!" I yelled, perhaps a bit too harshly and too loud, but what the hell was she thinking?

"You're a monster!  You're a beast!" she screamed.

I pulled up her e-mail.  "Here!" I yelled, "Here!  Exactly what I said!  Exactly what I said!  See?  See?"

She started crying and begged me to stop.  "Never contact me," was the last thing I said to her, as I walked into the downtown area, in case she had it in mind to follow me back to my car.


  1. Wow. She *really* had *no idea* why all of her former boyfriends wished she was dead after they broke up with her? I hate it when people are THAT oblivious about their personality flaws.

  2. Much like the way you let her string you along at the beginning...this story went nowhere fast.

  3. You should have totally butt-raped her...PSYCH!

    On a more serious note, is anyone else getting a little bored of these date stories? I've read most of them and I'm laughing less everyday. Only the most surprising ("and then there was penis"), or the most silly ("she led me into the dungeon and took out her cleaver"), or the most oblivious ("so I screamed 'blue-cheese' in her face and for some reason she left"), somewhat pique my interest.


  4. I am just glad that there is more to read. Thats the thing with dating storys. Not all are golden

  5. Bah. Stop complaining. If you don't like 'em, go on better bad dates and send 'em in.

  6. Agree with Nikki. They're either in denial or just plain blind. They deserve to be alone.

    I don't know what the big deal was. You proved you read the email, so why did she go postal? I'd like to hear what she did to the other guys!

  7. Wait what the hell happened on this one? This strikes me as one of those stories where some crucial detail was either left out by the OP or was unknown to the OP. A confusing case of the dates.

  8. ^Agreed it seems like the OP left out a few things it went from she was great to never call again. I know she went mental on him but the way he wrote it just seemed weird to me kind of like 0 to batshit crazy in 60 seconds.

    Either way it is obvious that girl is nuts. Glad you found out sooner rather than later. Love that women like this don't understand why guys don't like them ha-ha makes me laugh.

  9. I get the feeling that what he thought was a funny work story was actually a bad/upsetting story and when the lady accused him of not reading it what she meant was "you didn't pay attention to what you read".

    Why she didn't just say, "Dude, that email was about [unfortunate incident]! You think that's funny? Not cool!" over the phone, I don't know.

  10. rectpropagation-or maybe she thought she sent one e-mail but send a different one. Maybe she meant to send a serious one but sent the funny one by accident.


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