If You Give a Louse a Cookie

Submitted by Katelynn:

I met Steve online and he seemed normal enough through e-mail. I met him at a restaurant near me and started to get a bad feeling about the date when he texted me two minutes before the planned meeting time: "You're late."

I met him at a bring-your-own-beer restaurant and another bad feeling came over me when he brandished a bottle of wine and said, "This cost me $25." Oh, great.

He grilled me on politics and religion, beginning with, "Why the hell are you a Libertarian?" as stated in my profile.  "They've got it all wrong."

I said I didn't really want to talk about this on the first date and tried to change the subject to sports. He persisted. I asked if he would talk about something else.

He talked about sex and asked what positions I liked. I ended the date as quickly as possible and made sure he was not following me home.

He e-mailed me the next day: "You have great boobs."  I ignore him, obviously. He persisted in texting me, and I persisted in ignoring him. 

He finally messaged me that his first text was just a joke.  I responded, "But did you really think that was appropriate, though?" At this point, any rational guy would know that it is game over. If a girl tells you that you have acted inappropriately before the second date, she never wants to see you again.

He continued to text and e-mail me for over a week. I never responded until I finally had enough and texted, "I am not interested. Please stop contacting me."

He responded "Fuck you. Of all the girls I have ever met, you are the biggest bitch of them all."

I didn't reply. He later e-mailed me, "If you ever see me, don't talk to me or acknowledge me. You have no right to even look me in the eye."

The next day, on the dating site where we had first met, he winked at me.


  1. Giving more attention to a guy who writes, "You have great boobs" is sort of like covering yourself in tasty herbs and condiments before visiting your cannibal friend.

  2. Tiger Woods cheated on Elin so bad.

  3. ^ Tiger Woods is scum.

  4. "You have great boob" what's wrong with that? Learn to take a compliment OP.

  5. 10:15 is Elin.

  6. I really hope this doesn't turn into a 50-comment argument about the pros and cons of ignoring people on dating sites. This guy was obviously obnoxious and a creepster. Can we all agree on that?

  7. Seven-Thirty9/02/2010 10:52 AM

    Did the OP stand up and walk out or try and be polite and say "well, I don't really feel comfortable talking about doggy on he first date, and could we get the check now?"

  8. Why didn't she change her email? Or her phone number?

  9. You should have had his boner for dinner.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Who brings wine to a BYOB? Isn't beer specifically in the name? You knew immediately this guy was a douche because the fucker can't even follow directions.

    @ N3WYORKD3VIL - Dud3, I'm lik3 E y3ars old and don't know how to us3 a k3yboard.

  12. I believe it's "Bring your own bottle"

  13. NewYorkDevil, I refuse to encourage your use of letter substitution, but anyway - this isn't really up there on the life changing scale to go through the pain of changes your number or email address. It's mildly annoying.
    Do you change your number every time someone is aggressive towards you? You must change your number a lot.

  14. Man, is everyone aiming low. When they say "bring your own bottle" they obviously mean a four gallon jug (a jug is a type of bottle) or moonshine. Not, 1X, or even 3X... XXXXX moonshine. That way, you have two drinks, pass out, don't order any food, and the staff gets to keep the booze...

    ...You wake up in a dumpster 3 miles away with no pants. Oddly enough you still have your belt.

  15. ^ Moonshine is so low-class. BYOB obviously stands for Bring Your Own Box (of wine).

    My simple solution for giving out your phone number:

    1) Sign up for Google Voice.
    2) Only give out this number from now on.
    3) If someone sends you inappropriate texts, block them.

    Problem solved.

  16. The OP has a bad case of the can't-spell's.

  17. Nikki,
    The two situations are apples and oranges. I don't think anyone should feel that it was wrong for her to ignore this jackass that was acting inappropriately.
    On a side note, I always find it fascinating how much men and women are willing to put up with from their first dates. The minute someone acts rude, condescending, or just creepy should be the end of it. Some people must either be really desperate for potential companionship, or they just want a good story to tell.

  18. omg i think i know this guy, is this a new york story? or do guys like this lurk in all places =(

  19. It stands for "Bring Your Own Boner [for dinner]."

  20. You're lucky you didn't end up dead from that stalker.


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