Dressed and Unimpressed

Submitted by Angela:

Sam contacted me off of an online site.  I checked out his profile and there were a few shots of him with his shirt off.  Teasingly, I asked him if he ever wore clothes.  He sent me two pictures of himself that he took especially for me, of him wearing probably close to a dozen layers.  "This enough for you?" he asked.

I took it as a fun exchange and we made plans to meet in person for lunch.

Imagine my surprise when we met and he was wearing enough clothes to hit a ski slope!  And this was in June!

"This enough for you?" he asked, just as he had online, but this time with none of the humor I had previously ascribed to the phrase.

I asked the obvious, "Why are you wearing so much clothing?"

He said, "My naked chest is obviously hideous to you, so here you are.  This is what you want, right?"

It wasn't.  I decided right there that this wasn't going to go anywhere, even though, just to be civil, I went through with lunch. 

Looking back, I probably shouldn't have, because he acted angry at me the entire time, swiping up his fork when it was time to eat, and slamming down his glass after taking a drink.

I think he took the hint that I wasn't really feeling it, and he hasn't contacted me since then. 


  1. If you knew it was a bad idea to go to lunch with a super-bitter guy who was obviously mad at you from the get-go, why did you go with him? At least this is something you'll probably never do again. ;p Web communication--especially for dating--can be hard though because a person's tone is so hard to gauge through just words. Unless they use all caps, in which case, they're either incensed or an old person.

  2. Why did the guy even go on a date with someone he thought had slighted him?!

  3. ^ Seriously.

  4. I guess anyone will take any opportunity to be a dick to someone they thought was a dick to them. Rather than try to ascertain that person's true intentions in a mature way.

  5. Eeek. And I thought the guy who showed up on my date smelling like rancid baby was bad. Atleast he wasn't angry too!

    Student Driver


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