Bad to Worse to Worst to Best

Submitted by Hannah:

For our first date, Robert suggested going ice skating.  I thought it was a great idea and original compared to a lot of dates I'd been on.

The only rink in the area was over an hour away on the train, but I thought this would give us plenty of time to find out about each other, so off we went.   Robert was smart and sweet and so hot!  Everything was going great.

The ice rink turned out to be closed, and Robert was furious with himself for not checking the times before we left.  I suggested that we get something to eat, which Robert was up for.

He said that one of his favorite restaurants was nearby, and we walked into the town to make it there. 

We arrived to discover that the place had been gutted in a fire.  On asking a passerby, we found that the fire had happened only two days before.  Robert was devastated.

We ended up at a McDonald's, not the best place to end up on a first date after traveling over an hour.  But we ended up having a laugh and I really enjoyed his company, so things could only get better from there.

After getting back home, Robert walked me to my door and leaned in for a kiss.  It was perfect until he stumbled back, gasping for breath.

At the time, I was unaware that he was severely allergic to certain nuts and that the lip balm I was wearing had almonds in it.

He's dead now.

Not really.  He turned out just fine, although I never expected a second date.

That was two years ago, and Robert proposed last week.


  1. I love the ones happy endings.

  2. The ones WITH happy endings. Yikes.

  3. Well, if the OP ever tires of Robert, all she has to do is pop a Reese's peanut butter cup in his mouth.

    1. Frank, that remark is about as romantic as a zit. True love never tires, and if I ever fell in love, I would do everything in my power to make the guy feel comforted and cared for and generally treat him like a freaking emperor, for my heart's true hero will be to my heart as emperor

  4. Q: What's the difference between a bad marriage and a really bad marriage?

  5. A: Tiger Woods!!!

  6. Oh , it's one of these!
    The "He's dead now" almost got me, I was like "say what?".

    Btw - whats up with the Tiger Woods posts? Is that whats in with the kids these days?

  7. The "he's dead now" thing was a little annoying. The story would have been better if she skipped trying to be funny.

  8. ^ Absolutely not! That was funny as hell! Good job OP. This sounds like one of my dates (except for the marriage part) where everything I plan goes completely to shit. Truly an awesome thing to behold.

  9. Agreed. Nice twist in the story line there...ya had me.
    Good thing you don't have nut allergies!

  10. Maybe I'm easily amused, but the "he's dead now" line actually made me laugh out loud...for the first time on this site ever.

    It sounds like a good date to me. Anytime someone can (mostly) roll with plans gone bad is definitely someone to see again, especially with so many nutjobs out there who ruin perfectly fine dates just because what they had planned didn't work out.


  11. Great story, and great find with someone who can laugh while rolling with the punches.

  12. Always nice to see the occasional happy ending here

  13. Love the happy ending. Love the dead joke. Hate the desperate attempts at making Tiger Woods jokes a new thing.

  14. if i had a nut allergy I would eat a whole bag of nuts plus bleach after reading this story

  15. OP's date dodged a huge death bullet!

  16. Had to roll my eyes at the "he's dead now" joke, but I just watched Mean Girls last night, so it wasn't really fair.

  17. He's dead now.

    Classic. Great line. I'm still chuckling.


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