Action at the Old Folks' Home

Submitted by Sierra:

Ken and I worked together at a retirement complex.  We were good friends, teasing and talking, for a while.  His overtures became flirtatious, and despite having a bad experience with a workplace tryst (elsewhere) once before, I liked the way I felt around him, and flirting back felt right.

Once, when I was in a supply closet, he came up from behind me, impersonated an eldery man, and said, "Now I'll have my way with you, you young'in!" and kissed down my neck.  I spun around and we made out.  It was our first kiss, and it was really hot.

We spent time together outside of work, too.  We did dinner a few times, took a couple of day trips, and, for all intents and purposes, were dating.  Ken told me that he really liked me, felt that we had something special, and that he was glad to have met me.  Everything was great.

Unfortunately, my supervisor, Ellen, was a year older than I was, liked Ken herself, and was the jealous type.  This also made workplace indiscretions a little harder to avoid, as Ken and I both knew this and found it even hotter to hook up right under her nose at work.

About a month after Ken and I had begun our supply room "chats," Ellen caught us.

She fired me on the spot (which, to be fair, I would've done, too) and she told me to leave the supply closet so that she could talk to Ken alone.  I did as she asked.

Ken came by my place after his shift was over.  I gave him a big kiss and asked him what had happened.  Ellen had apparently confessed her feelings to him and asked him to go down on her.

Half of me was shocked, the other half in hysterics.  Ellen and I had never meshed well, but I certainly didn't wish her humiliated.

Jokingly, I asked Ken, "So, did you?"


I laughed.  He was joking.  He had to be.

He went on, "It was just a one-time thing."

My first thought: I just kissed him.  My smile vanished.  I said, "You're kidding.  Right?"  I wouldn't have put it past him to be joking about it.  Ken could be pretty deadpan sometimes.

He said, "I need this job.  I don't like her or anything.  It's not a big deal."

I screamed, "What?  It's a huge deal!  You went down on Ellen and you come in here as if it was nothing at all?"

He backed away.  "I thought you'd want honesty."

I couldn't believe that he couldn't see what was wrong with the situation.  "Forget honesty!  You went down on another woman!  Get the hell out!"

He apologized over and over, but I was done.  Nothing was more unattractive in the world at that moment than he.

He called, texted, e-mailed, and even showed up at my place once since then, but I was done with him.  I found a new job in another nearby town, and forgot all about him.  Well, until I wrote this.


  1. I hear that all sorts of action goes down in those old folks' homes. You expect a population to just sit and watch Matlock and eat liquefied fruit all day? Land sakes!

  2. Tiger Woods!!!! Getting a hole-in-one on and off the green.

  3. Man OP is just mad her supervisor got some and not her.

  4. Elin is just mad everyone got some and not her.

  5. If you'd sued like you should have had grounds to, you wouldn't have had to get the second job.

  6. Seven-Thirty9/04/2010 4:51 PM

    Strictly speaking this was not a date, but never mind. And strictly speaking Ken was true in his heart to the OP because technically getting your makeup scrubbed off by a bush is not sex.

    The real tragedy here is the old people waiting for their food, or worse lying in their excrement while the staff fornicate in the closets.

  7. I need Nikki to make the negative comment... I just don't have the right sense of "FAT BITCH" on this case...

    I'm really trying to feel bad for this girl, but her 'date' consists of making out with staff at work and then getting surprised when he does it with other people.

  8. Blergh, I bet OP went through a shitload of mouthwash that night.

    Peter, you idiot. Many people get together at work because it's where we spend 50% of our time. I work with my partner, and I can tell you if I found out he had gone down on our office manager I would consider it surprising (and Seven-Thirty I would consider it cheating) in the same way as if I found out a guy I was seeing who I *didn't* work with was indulging in oral with some other person. Working together does not suspend normal relationship rules. Are you retarded?

  9. Peter - She wasn't just making out with him at work. She was dating him. They were in a relationship. His going down on the bitch supervisor was cheating.

  10. Agnes- I'm not sure how you find this law suit-worthy. I'm guessing it was against code of conduct, so I doubt there's proof of unjust firing, especially if it's in an at-will state.

    As for the story, yeah, sucky in the relationship department, but I missed the date part.

  11. She wasn't just making out with him at work. She was dating him. They were in a relationship. His going down on the bitch supervisor was cheating.

    You know im not so sure. I thought it was weird how nonchalantly he told her about eating that girl out. So i went back and read this "for all intents and purposes, were dating". That line makes me not so confident they were really official which is probably why he thought it was whatever. seems to me he thought they were friends with benes or something. Her statement just doesn't instill too much confidence that they were in a relationship.

  12. Seven-Thirty9/05/2010 2:50 AM

    10:37 and 1:05, Come on. Monica indulged Bill and he didn't consider it sex. Hilary let it slide.

    Of course the supervisor was not going to be satisfied with one session. Ken must have quickly gotten used to a new work regime.

  13. Cheating is a strange thing. It takes so much energy to do, but yet the cheater will always behave as if it was effortless. Expressions like, "it was nothing" and "moment of weakness" come to mind.

    This is all complete crap. If you were to truly know the amount of work that goes into cheating you would never forgive someone for this "disgretion".

    People just don't go around having sex with people. They may appear like they are, or one may fool themself into thinking they do for a pride boost, but the simple truth is we, like almost every other living creatures, are creatures that woo their potential mates.

    Wooing takes time, time takes energy, energy takes effort, and effort needs want.

    They wanted to cheat on you. No matter what they say.

    And for the record, Hillary's a skank.

  14. ^ Get drunk and hook up with a random person. No need to "woo" them; just go, "Hey, wanna have sex?" Plenty of easy people out there who will fuck anything with a pulse.

    Doesn't seem too difficult to me.

  15. I agree with Red Fraggle. I cheated once on my boyfriend in the 90s and it a whole lot of sneaking around and planning for a few minutes of pleasure. When he found out I said things like it was meaningless.

    Agnes, people like you are why people who have truly been wronged have to wait months to see a judge.

  16. Are you serious? I'm in shock that he didn't think that was a big deal... WOW ...... MEN

  17. She said, I've always had feelings for you! And followed that up immediately with "go down on me here in the supply closet!" and he DID? She must have been explicit that she would fire him if he didn't. HE should sue.

  18. Why be upset with the guy? It was strictly a business decision.

  19. This wasn't a date, but a bad case of the cheating-in-relationships. I'll say it again: not a date. If we wanted to start reading about how month-old relationships ended, we'd open a new blog for that.

  20. So basically, he was put in a position where he felt he had to go down on her or lose his job. He could have been lying to the OP about that, but the fact that he admits it says to me he was, in a sense, forced, which is sexual harassment. I would be pissed if I were the OP, but I would at least make sure the guy was okay and didn't need a friend. I have no idea what his boss looked like, and I am a hetero woman, but the thought of going down on a female boss just grosses me out. Poor guy.


  21. Women are such jealous creatures...

    Red Fraggle, you're absolutely wrong. I cheat on my girlfriend all the time, and it's nothing. She's too dumb to figure it out anyway. Hell, I think I even gave her herpes recently. I know I've got it now from her friend, and by now I'm sure she does too. If she ever finds out, I'll just accuse her of cheating and walk out. She'll be pissed for a bit, but she's kinda needy, so she'll come back, asking me to take her back. Aint even a thang!


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