What's This "Reciprocity" of Which You Speak?

Submitted by Daryl:

Stella wrote me first on a dating site.  Her message was long, but friendly and she seemed very interested in me.  One thing that was an instant red flag was, "You work at a printing shop?  How much does that pay?" but I chalked it up to curiosity.

I wrote her back with answers to most of her questions, and asked her some of my own.  To the above-mentioned query, I replied, "It pays enough."

She wrote back one line: "Hello lifetime lo mein dinners.  Adios."

Well, shucks.  What a loss.  It took me the lesser part of three seconds to forget about her.

Until two months later, when she wrote me back: "Hey.  How are you?"

I replied, "I'm fine, thanks.  Still working at a printing shop.  Had sushi the other night."

She wrote back, "And you didn't invite me???"

What the hell, I thought.  I asked her out to dinner via e-mail, making it clear that it would be as friends.  She went for it and picked out a sushi restaurant nearby.

We met up, she came across as incredibly into herself, and after ten minutes, I ran out of things to ask her.  At one point, after about a minute of silence, she asked, "I could tell you more about myself.  Want to hear?"

For the sake of civility, I said yes.  Thereafter, I learned all about how amazing it was that dropping out of nursing school can lead to a series of epiphanies leading to someone wanting to become a teacher, only deciding to not become a teacher because of all of the tests that you apparently had to take in order to become licensed, etc.

At the present, she works at her father's company as an upper-level administrator (using her words). 

The bill came.  I pulled out enough to cover my meal and passed it over to her.

"What's this?" she asked, as if she hadn't ever seen a bill before.

"Yours came to about $20, including tax and tip," I prodded.

She gave me a look, then reached for her purse and pulled out a $100 bill.  She said, "This is all I have."

"I'm sure they can break it," I assured her, and sure enough, they did.

When we left the place, she said, "Goodnight," and sped off in the direction that I had to go in, myself.  I let a few minutes pass before heading that way, back to my car.

I didn't know that there actually existed people like this, but I guess I couldn't remain trapped inside the bubble forever!


  1. >>I didn't know that there actually existed people like this, but I guess I couldn't remain trapped inside the bubble forever!

    You must be new here. Welcome to the planet Earth!

  2. Really seems like you walked right into this one.

  3. You're obviously new to the site. Gold diggers abound here, as do egomaniacs. :P

  4. I don't know why you bothered going out with her. She obviously hadn't showed any signs of being a 'friend'. The only good reason would have been to get her in the sack.

  5. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. "I didn't know that there actually existed people like this"

    Try reading some of the other stories on this site. My favorite gold-digger one is the one with the girl who wanted the $600 hat!

  7. Definitely the most boring story on the site. You mean people want you to buy them dinner while they tell you about their lives? It's not even a girl thing. It's a people thing. Next!

  8. @ Baku-chan the $600 hat was the best gold-digger story!

    OP needs to get out more.

  9. ...it was just another Monday morning at the Print Shop. Sniffing ink and surfing the Internet for the Ladies.

    I don't normally get contact with real people but my therapist thought should be socialised.

    I use Online dating to bore ladies who seek above minimum wage men. Fortunately with my job I get free access photoshop to make me resemble wallpaper. I almost had a date once. I will tell you about it, it was as friends.

    ...Two months later my restraining order expired we agreed to meet at a sushi restaurant.

    OPs life at the Print shop is as suspected, boring. Yawn

  10. You realize she probably would have put out if you'd just paid the $20 for your meal, right?

  11. So she seemed like a douche online and you expected something better in person? Surprise...she was a douche. Meh.

    The $600 hat story was definitely the best gold digger story!!

  12. looks like the op has a bad case of the impotence.

  13. I have a feeling it wasn't clear that the date was "dutch"... you said you made it clear that the date would be just as friends, and to you that may have meant "we each pay for our own" but if you weren't explicit about this, then I can understand her confusion.

  14. @rýαи: She was actually the one who asked to go out. The OP let himself get gamed into formally asking her out, which was exactly what she wanted. She was pissed that she didn't get a free meal out of it. The end.

  15. @ anon 8:59:

    "I asked her out to dinner via e-mail.."

    Looks like he was the one who asked her out.

    Now, normally I would agree with you, that she was trying to get a free meal out of him. In this case, though, she seems to have a good paying job, and plenty of money to pay for her own dinner if she's pulling out a $100.

    Contrary to the thoughts of a lot of the angsty guys on this site, there are women out there that are independent and won't let a guy pay for their dinner.

  16. ^ And this story is a 'clear' example of that...

    The $100 bill was from hookin'.

  17. Why did you waste your time with this obvious douche of a woman when there are plenty of good women out there for you to date?


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