Passion at the Airport

Submitted by Ed:

I met Hannah at my dentist's office.  She was a new dental assistant, and I asked her out after my cleaning.

She and I were at a restaurant, in the middle of regular, awkward first date banter, when she asked me about my passions.  I told her that I liked writing, biking, and home repair.

She leaned in and repeated, "But what are your passions?"

I repeated, "Writing, biking, and home repair."

Again, she said, "Yes, but what are your passions?"

I said, "I just told you."

She replied, "You told me stuff that you like to do.  I'm asking about your passions."

"Aren't those my passions?"

She shook her head.  I asked her what her passions were, so as to give me an example of something acceptable.

She said, "I can show you after dinner, but you have to promise not to freak out."

Always a loaded phrase, but it was a first date, and we seemed to be hitting it off just fine.  We climbed into her car and she drove us to the nearby airport, where we parked and walked inside.

We sat down on a bench and watched a departure screen.  I asked her, "This is your passion?"

She shook her head, then jumped up and ran to a ticket counter.  I jogged after her but hung a little way back.  She argued with the ticket agent that she had to be on a flight that had just left, and demanded that the plane be sent back to pick her up.

The ticket agent, a poor little waif who looked our age, argued back that it was impossible, that Hannah could be put on the next flight, etc.  Hannah screamed that the ticket agent "would never work in this town again," and stormed off, back towards the parking lot, where she climbed into her car and took off before I could jump in.

I figured that it was all part of her act, so I waited a few minutes before calling her back.  She didn't answer the first two times I called, then answered the third time with a, "I missed my goddamn flight!" and hung up on me.

I had a friend who lived close by, so he was able to pick me up and drive me back to my car.

The next day, I went to my dentist's office and found Hannah there.  She apologized and told me that the game was over, that she had showed me her passion.  Again, she asked me what mine was.  I told her that I'd let her know.

We're going on a second date in a week.


  1. Why are you dating her again?

  2. You will soon find another passion of hers: Killing and dismembering dental patients, then wearing their flesh as skin suits. Oh wait, you wont find out because you will be dead.

  3. Well, you're a match made in crazy heaven, I guess. I would just like to know why anyone would risk dating someone who has the ability to do serious damage to his teeth in the first place.

  4. Why would you want to date someone who's great passion in life is verbally abusing customer service representatives? As a former CSR with years of experience in various CS-heavy industries, I've come to view women like your psychopath as some of the lowest forms of human life on Earth.

    Have fun on your second date. If you survive it, please feel free to share.

  5. I love this one. She's a total nut and he's going for seconds. I love it!
    I think that he's got a good chance that one of her passions is binding and gagging her date and forcing him to watch her sing various show tunes and defecate on himself. Be prepared to miss a little work with this one.

  6. Let me guess. You've finally found a subject for your psychology PhD thesis, haven't you? Good luck, I hope you get published!

  7. i have to (finally) agree with nikki on this..i also have worked in various cs-heavy industries, and that type of "passion", as she calls it, is out-right disturbing. she's the kind of person i would want to jump over the counter and strangle! AND she KNEW she was in the wrong (crazy b*tch didn't even HAVE a flight, except in her head!!). gives me an idea of what kind of person you are, too, though, if witnessing that kind of unnecessary abuse would prompt you to want to go out with her again! unless this is a case of what ^ said..in that case, i hope you're alive long enough to conclude your thesis!

  8. She left you..standing there..at the airport..without a care of how you'd get back to your car?! And you're going out with her again?! wow. you're a winner

  9. Alls I can say is this chick must be super hot and the guy must be super desperate. Either that or there were some unsavory chemicals laced onto whatever the dentist is giving him.

  10. sooo...why shouldnt he go on a second date?

    she showed him her passion, now he can show her his. maybe taking a nice long drive in the country and leaving her at a highway rest stop? or perhaps a nice meal at a good diner and again, slipping out the back? (he could be extra nice and at least pay for HIS dinner)

    there's lots of things to be "passionate" about.

  11. 2:44, that's a good point--the 2nd date could simply be a "revenge date" pure and simple, he wants to avenge the poor airport customer service lady. it takes a certain kind of person to put themselves through an entire 2nd date with a miserable person just for the purposes of spite!

  12. This clearly isn't going to end well... not at all.

  13. I'm going to assume that she's insanely.

  14. I think the OP has a passion for other peoples luggage.

    I can see the next date involving grabbing a random selection from baggage claim. Followed by screams of 'I've got a Bomb! I've got a Bomb!'.

    Airport romance. Tazer both of them

  15. On the second date take her to an Indian restaurant, load her up with all the fixings (and laxatives), then go on a long drive. When she has to drop mud take her to the nastiest truck stop bathroom you can and leave her there. After jamming open the bathroom door of course. Even better, if the bathroom's on the outside of the place, pull your car around and point the high beams on her.

    P.S.- OP, in all seriousness, girls/guys like that get people killed. Who knows what other freak outs she has.

  16. what you know how to pick the winners

  17. Wait, I think this guy has finally taken up some of the suggestions in previous posts. On more than one occasion, people have suggested going on follow up dates with aforementioned crazy people just to see what else happens.

    I can't decide if I am excited or disturbed that someone is going on a sure to be doomed second date for the sake of a Bad Case of the Dates.

  18. Seven-Thirty8/06/2010 4:22 AM

    Could an airline have so mistreated its passengers that there is one permanently deranged out there?

  19. Can't you see she's from LOST? She just needs to get on Oceanic Flight 815!

    If I was Hurley, I go on a second date with Kate even if she is bat shit crazy. Jack will never know!
    Although I think Ed should hold back on his hobby of writing, it's affecting real life.

  20. The last line of this post just ravished me.

  21. I hope her second passion isn't killing and dismembering first dates. She sounds nuts to me.

  22. I'm completely with Hapa on this! This guy got a crazy (and probably crazy hot) chick out on a date and she completely lost her mind. I'd have been laughing my ass off and falling all over myself to ask her out again just hoping for ABCOTD fodder! I can't wait to read the next post. That last line in this story was KILLER!

    @ Anon 7:31 - Seriously dude, take your Lost jerk-off fantasies somewhere else.

  23. The beautiful ones always manage to procreate no matter how colossally fucked up they are. The OP is getting what he deserves.

  24. Don't come back here and complain that the second date wasn't going well.

  25. I bet the second date turns out to be really lame or something. Like, he'll spend the whole time looking for her to go apeshit again, and she won't deliver. Worst case, she'll talk too much about an exboyfriend or tell gross stories from work about people's tooth decay. They won't have any chemistry, and he'll leave the date disappointed that he wasted his time and money and didn't even get an ABCOTD adventure out of it.

  26. I like this girl. She seems to be into fucking around with peoples daily routine.

    Improve is awesome.

  27. ^"Improv." If she "improved," then she wouldn't be such a raging bitch. And it's not necessarily "improv" but closer to "guerilla theatre" where you (and usually others) are putting on a performance in a public space wherein the public doesn't know they're witnessing theatre. Usually used to prove a social or political point.

    I think she was just being a bitch.

  28. As a newbie poster, realizing this is a dated comment, I just wanted to point out that I completely agree that she's not "crazy" - just a bitch who likes to "punk" people with practical jokes, but they're not the funny kind.

  29. I hate you, OP. I hate you so much I want to spit on you!


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