He Shoots! He Doesn't Score!

Submitted by Arianna:

Henry took me to a Jersey Devils game for a second date.  I wasn't too into hockey, but he promised that we'd have a good time talking and watching the game. 

We were in our seats for about five minutes when he turned to me and said that he was going to grab something.

He didn't come back after ten minutes.  Maybe the lines were long.

After thirty minutes, I called him.  No answer.  Maybe his phone was off.

At the beginning of the third period, I went out looking for him.  I had no idea where in the Prudential Center he could have gone, and repeated calls to his cell phone went unanswered.

I had just about given up and was ready to find a security person when I walked past a row of seats at the far end of the arena and found him, his back to me.  He was sitting with another woman.

I was more than a little hurt, and turned around to leave.

Then I thought the better of it and walked right up to him.  "Hey, Henry.  Who's your friend?"

He replied, "Hey.  What's up?" as if I was someone he had met at a college party ten years ago and had never heard from or seen since.

I didn't know what else to say or do, so I said, "Well, have a nice life," and walked away.

He followed me and caught up in the hall.  I told him to get away from me, and he did.  I left, and there's nothing left to say about it.  Asshole.


  1. ...really? You couldn't come up with anything better than "have a nice life"? I mean, I understand that coming up with burrrrrns off the top of your head when you're shocked is pretty difficult, but you had almost three periods to think about what you'd say when you finally found him. And when you DID find him, he was on a date with another woman!! I'd really think that, at that point, some womanly instincts for destroying a man's soul with words would have kicked in, and you would have given him the tongue-lashing of a life time.

    Perhaps my opinion on the subject is tainted by the fact that I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. That's the perfect breeding ground for learning how to tell someone off effectively.

  2. Oh yeah, coming up with colorful insults would have really made her feel better and turned the whole situation around. Kudos to OP for maturity and a cool head - and sorry for what sounds like the lamest date ever.

  3. Yeah he's an asshole, obviously.

    Nikki has a point, you could have called him an asshole, for example.

    Sure it's difficult to come up with snappy remarks, and maybe it is better to be cool headed and all that.

    Maybe the best is to say exactly what the situation is: 'You invited me on a date, I haven't seen you for half an hour, and you're apparently chatting up another woman. Have a nice life'

    Ah the blissful heights of detached hindsight.

  4. let's find some middle ground here. you didn't have to go all apesh*t on him like Nikki was saying, but you could've at least ruined his night with the other lady.

    as you left it, he probably took her home and scored then had a funny story to tell his friends.

  5. At that point in the date, the OP could have said, "Excuse me miss, but Henry is actually my date this evening. But don't worry, you have have him," and walked away.

    I have the feeling that if his other date was like most women I know, she would have gotten up and left as well.

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  7. *sigh* People, there's more than one way to give someone a tongue-lashing! (Some of those ways are pretty erotic; ask Fizziks.) I wasn't implying that the bitch should go nuclear on him; I was merely saying that, in that situation, something more than "Have a nice life" was in order. Depending on what she said, the remark could have either been cold as ice (the "calm and cutting" that Baku references) or seemingly nonchalant (3:49's suggestion).

    Yes, these are all wonderful ideas in hindsight, and nothing can turn back time, but a girl's gotta be prepared, especially if guys in the dating pool these days are anything like most of the ones in these forums or on these dates. :P

  8. Don't worry, OP, I totally feel for you on this date. I would agree that the suggestions above for what to say would have been good, but in a horribly embarrassing moment like this date, I probably would not have known what to day either. I think Nikki may be right about being prepared!

  9. Funny, my thought was that she might have said something like, "Oh, there you are. You weren't in our usual seats and I've been trying to get in touch with you for days. The clinic called, the test came back positive so you might want to have yourself tested." And then walked away.

  10. Fuck that, Nikki. Go ballistic on the guy. Then make a gay dating profile with pictures of him (I'm sure he has a facebook account), and use his number on it. Post ads on Craiglist offering a hot time in stadium bathrooms. If you've got a little extra cash, put up a male escort ad with his picture and number on it in a local magazine or newspaper. Key "cheating husband" into the hood of his car. Who cares if you weren't married? Would you go home with a guy that has "cheating husband" keyed into the hood of his car? I would, but I'm gay, and that's just what we do. Take a shit on the trunk of his car. In fact, take a shit on a napkin, and go back and drop it on his lap. Then be all like "Shit on me?! I shit on you!!" and pull your hair out to the sides while laughing hysterically.

    Please, anything but "Have a nice life."

  11. 10:13, I like you!

  12. Surely the OP couldn't begrudge the guy spending a little quality time with his wife?

  13. Seven-Thirty8/05/2010 3:05 AM

    Hockey brings out the worst in people.

  14. 10:13 is epic.

  15. The real question is, who won the game? How were the Devils doing that night? Did Parise score? Did we have Kovy yet?

  16. ^I totally had that same thought! But I don't care enough about hockey to ask it.

  17. Sounds like you got to see a free hockey game courtesy of some guy you barely knew. Then he left you alone and harassed some other girl instead. How is that a bad date? Sounds like a great day.

  18. OP, was he playing....tonsil hockey with her? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHA!


    Anyway. I think she should have said something more at least to ruin his chances with this other girl. She was probably an innocent bystander and he never had to pay for his actions. Speaking up would have warned the other girl that he's a douche. If you did kick his ass though, it probably would be alright, it's at a hockey game.

  19. @Nikki: Wow. What's it like tongue-lashing Fizziks? Sounds like cleaning the exterior of the Pentagon with a q-tip.

  20. ^Try with a toothbrush. And by "toothbrush" I of course mean "your tongue."

  21. damn you jared and your misleading titles!
    when he didn't come back after 10 min, i thought she was going to reveal he'd been in the bathroom shooting up


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