Maybe He Missed His Sister

Submitted by Dina:

My first date with Patrick was originally planned to be a short meet and greet over a cup of coffee, since my 2-year-old cousin's birthday party was later that same afternoon.  Still, we were able to pack our time together with a good talk.

He told me more about himself, how he was relatively new in town, etc.  I told him that I had a fun family and a good relationship with my brother.

We ended up having such a good time with each other that I called my family to ask them if it would be okay for me to invite him along to the party, as a friend.  They said that it was fine, and he seemed really into the idea.

However, Patrick became really shy once we made it to my cousins' house, despite my best efforts to introduce him to everyone and include him in conversation. 

I took him aside to ask him if he was okay, and he assured me that he was.  He said that he was having a good time.

At one point or another he broke away from me to speak to some of my family members, and I was pleased that he was finally breaking the ice a bit.

Not too long after, my older brother, Rick, sought me out and brought me into a side room.  He told me that Patrick had asked him if we (my brother and I) had ever messed around.

I told Rick that he had to have been mistaken, or misunderstood what Patrick had actually been asking.  I couldn't imagine anyone asking that of anybody's sibling, ever.  Gross!

When Rick and I left the room, Patrick stood nearby, by himself, and of course he saw us.  Rick continued back into the party, but I approached Patrick.

"Had fun?" Patrick asked.

I asked him if everything was okay.  He said, "You know, it all makes sense.  Back when you said that you and your brother had a good relationship... I couldn't believe that you had said it, but now I see... and I'm sorry, but I can't really handle this."

He shouldered past me, and I ran in front of him.  "What are you talking about?  You don't honestly believe that my brother and I... ewww!  I said that we had a good relationship!  Not a sexual one!  Are you serious?"

He put up his hands and said, "I... just, no," and made for the front door.

I let him go, and he drove off.  I didn't hear from him again, and although I was really upset about it at the time (my brother took my out for ice cream afterward, and NO, we didn't do anything else), I think that things worked out for the best.  I mean, saying that you have a good relationship with someone doesn't imply anything other than a good relationship, does it?


  1. Are you the girl who had her brother come on the date with her and then made your date make out with you in front of him? I bet you are. Brother lover.

  2. If you said 'good relationship' with an ex, that'd be one thing...but I think it's pretty straightforward (and innocent) when it comes to family.

  3. Definitely dodged a weird one there OP!

  4. Wow, jump to conclusions much?


  5. Yeah it kinda does OP, have fun with your six fingered children

  6. Bang your brother. Bang him hard OP!

  7. I think it might have been the subtle ass grab between the brother and sister combo that tipped him off!

    Seriously though OP, this dude was t total nut job. Really got to wonder what kinds of skeletons this guy had hanging around in his closet.

  8. Dead on as usual, Architect. Methinks the date in this situation is acting out of shame from the time he surprised his mom with a French kiss.

  9. Maybe you should try a little experimentation. Just lay in a bed with your brother and play games like "What am I touching now?"

  10. Maybe your brother wants a little something more out of your relationship. Icecream isnt free you know...

  11. I think it's great that there's no incest taboo here at A Bad Case of the Dates.

  12. Come on Nikki, we embrace our bad dates like they were our own relatives. In fact, some of my worst dates were my own relatives!

  13. ^Some of your relatives were also the worst oral sex I ever received - small world!

  14. My brother's semen tastes sorta like my dad's...

    OP, same?

  15. I wouldn't take that as meaning anything other than you got on well (and I'd be surprised if anyone else jumped to a different conclusion). That guy definitely has issues.

  16. Wow, so Angelina Jolie takes time out of her busy schedule to contribute to ABCotD? Who knew!

  17. Not to take it back to porn but....I will anyway. This reminds me of a fantastic series starring Kay Parker called "Taboo" about...well...you know. It was the 70's, when women looked like women and the pornos looked like films!


  18. And the obligatory comment about not taking a first date to meet your family goes here, OP.


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