Good Thing it Wasn't a Steamroller

Submitted by Katie:

Stan was very attractive and when he asked me out, I agreed. He seemed like just enough of a "bad boy" to show me a good time, and yet not be the sort of guy who was secretly married, belong to a gang, or of the type to get a tattoo of my face after the first date.

Stan drove a 1969 Cadillac that he loved more than life. It took about 20 minutes to get the thing running and had faded buttercup-yellow paint. It was not exactly a thing of beauty, but you had to admire the work that he had put into the beast.

He picked me up for our first date and opened the door for me like a gentleman.  While I waited for him to get behind the wheel, I noticed a blanket and some meager picnic supplies in the backseat. He pulled away from the curb.

I said, “I thought we were going to a movie.”

He replied, “I thought of something better. It’s a surprise.”

So I sat there quietly and tried not to be freaked. I subtly patted my pocket to make sure that I had my phone in case he turned out to be a rapist and I needed to call for help.

He turned onto a little dirt road and we drove up the hill toward the radio tower. The sight was beautiful. The city lights were glistening below us, and the stars were strangely bright even with the city all lit up. It was gorgeous.

We moved out onto the hood of the Cadillac and talked pleasantly while we ate our small meal and admired the beauty. It was an amazing first date so far.

“You can’t tell anyone that we ever came up here,” he said casually.

I replied with a smile, “Why not?”

“This is a no trespassing zone. It’s illegal to be up here.”

I got a little bit nervous that we’d get caught, but that just made the sight and the atmosphere and everything else so much more intense and fun. I leaned over and kissed "bad boy" Stan.  The kiss soon turned into an intense make out session.

My stomach did a sudden flip. It had nothing to do with the things that his hands were doing. The car moved. We had parked on a small slope and Stan’s fixer-upper Cadillac’s brakes had given out. We rolled backwards down the hill, the car came to a sudden stop, and we went flying off, into the brush.

Stan got up and let out a scream. The back end of the Caddie was wrapped around a tree trunk.

I pulled out my phone and called for a tow truck. We spent the rest of the evening in jail and he even made me pay the trespassing fine.


  1. 1. Nobody makes you pay for their fines. (choice)
    2. If you get fined own up to it. (ambiguity)
    3. Girls who like bad boys. (stupid)
    4. "Patted" your pocket for quick anti-rape.
    (like that's going to help)

  2. well that's what you get for going on a date whit a bad boy

  3. Dude, you anonymous commenters are idiots who attack everyone who posts a story. I can't help but think that most of you are still in middle school and therefore have no concept of dating.

    That was a legitimately bad date. And before you get whipped into a "bad boy" tizzy, I'd like to point out that supposed "nice guys" always bitch about this, but they're always in love with the hot chick who's way out of their league. Shallow, meet shallow.

  4. Seven-thirty6/20/2010 6:08 PM

    "Faded buttercup-yellow". A good description or over-done prose?

    The word "breaks" in place of "brakes". Did the OP bang this out without using MS Word?

    I would venture that the OP is writing about something that happened sometime ago. I don't think she considered it a bad date. It was something memorable.

    As to the OP paying the fine, well, that probably had to do with the circumstances. She had cash and he didn't. Sounds like it could have been before the police took credit cards. Curious that the fine was settled the same evening.

    There is no mention of whether they shared the fine or ever dated again.

  5. lol, They put a bitch in JAAAAAIIILLLLL!!!!

  6. A guy is obviously taking you out for a picnic as opposed to a movie, and you automatically freak out and assume he's going to rape you? He must have been more "bad" than you originally let on in the story, or else you're really paranoid.

    I agree with the first commenter that no one can "make" you pay a fine that you feel you should not have had to pay, but since you didn't put up much of a fight about leaving the "no trespassing zone," then you did the right thing by sucking it up and paying.

    Sounds like this would have been a good date if the brakes had held tough. Next time, maybe he'll put rocks behind the wheels for added insurance.

  7. Wow, I was expecting this to be one of those stories that ends with "and to this day, we're still married."

  8. Sorry, but you were an idiot. You should have been smart enough to leave when he told you that you were both breaking the law. If he hadn't told you that the two of you were trespassing, I'd be more sympathetic, but you chose to stay because you thought it was cool and oh-so-BAD to break the law. As for making you pay the whole fine, you must be a real doormat. If anything, you should have demanded he pay half of the fine (it's only fair that you pay half since you broke the law, too). Also this:

    "I subtly patted my pocket to make sure that I had my phone in case he turned out to be a rapist and I needed to call for help."

    How would that help? I seriously doubt he would give you the chance to make a phone call before he raped you. Use what brains you have next time. "Bad boys" are not cool and anyone who thinks they are is an idiot.


  9. 1:01PM I'm pretty sure the OP was having an amazing date until she was "forced" to pay a fine. She wanted a "bad boy" remember?

    Stop being dumb. You had a good date and are just pissed you had to fork over some cash. Oh and freaking out because he wants to take you on a picnic instead of a movie? You're dumb OP. So so dumb.

  10. And Baku-Chan stop being such a square.

  11. Baku, it's RIDICULOUSLY COOL to break the law. Duh.

  12. Not to me. Maybe it's because I plan on going into law enforcement.

  13. But Baku, how will you know what crimes are unless you commit them first? And how do you know you would enjoy enforcing the law more than breaking the law?

    If you want to be a balanced law enforcement officer, you need to spend equal time in law enforcement classes and the county jail. simple as that.

  14. ^Almost did a spit take thanks to this comment.

  15. This story may be mostly true, but certainly not all of it. When two people are caught trespassing both people get fined, not just one fine for everyone involved like a bill at a restaurant.

    Now I suppose you could be saying that he didn't offer or refused to pay your fine, in addition to his own, and he would be right to do it as you were warned that you were trespassing. Not only did you not protest to the illegal nature of your date location you rewarded his choice with an intense make out session.


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