Which Medical School Was This?

Submitted by Brianna:

Gary was a medical student who I had met through mutual friends. He seemed somewhat arrogant, but after some persuasion from a friend, I agreed to go out with him for a dinner date.

He called every girl he had ever dated, “Whore cunts.” He compared his bowel movements to “Evacuating after Hurricane Katrina,”  and to prove that he was looking for more than a one-night stand (like I cared at this point), he showed me an e-mail that he had sent to a girl in which he asked her to be his girlfriend. He then produced her response e-mail.  Shockingly, her answer was no.

He told me that he had a couple of dates with a girl who had a colostomy bag. He claimed to really like her, but, “You know she liked it up the butt.”

I replied, “I’m sorry?”

“Well, she had colon cancer. Only people who take it up the ass get colon cancer.”

I said, “My father had colon cancer last year.”

He leaned into the table and motioned to me like he had a secret to confess. “Your dad’s a fag.”

Astounded, I replied, “Excuse me?”

“Your dad's a closet homo. Your mom probably knows. He takes it up the ass.”

After the urge to punch him in his face subsided, I told him that I needed to go, and we left.

Out on the street, I started to say goodbye and hightail it out of there when he said, “Let me take you home.  My car is right here.”

“No thanks, I like the walk.”

He said, “It’s okay, I don’t want you walking at night.”

“Oh, it’s fine," I said "It’s totally safe. I walk at night all the time."

“I am not letting you walk home alone,” he demanded.

“And I’m not getting in your car.”

With that, I turned around and got out of there as fast as I could. On the walk home, I called the friend who set me up for this and told her that under no circumstances was she to convince me to go out with anyone I had doubts about ever again.


  1. This is horribly one sided. I summon Gulliver to call you names!

  2. You kind of deserved a bad date after you didn't like his personality before you went out, you have great patience for not punching him in the face, well done!

  3. Yeah I'm not buying that this guy said any of that. Likely the guy was just a plain old regular arrogant jerk and Brianna was mad that he didn't sweep her away.

  4. Oh, this is totally believable. Having met several male pre-med and pre-vet students, I can say that they're some of the most cocky, self-impressed douchebags on the planet. One actually flat out refused to learn how to use the software to enter charges into the computer at a clinic I worked at because, "I'm going to pay people to do that for me."

  5. ^ She said medical student, not pre-med. Nobody should be impressed with themselves for being in pre-med. Anyone who gets accepted into undergrad can be pre-med.

  6. this was on myveryworstdate.com too! hmm.....

  7. The thing that bothers me here is that a med student thinks colon cancer is caused by anal sex. I don't ever want to have him as a doctor.

  8. Seven-thirty6/19/2010 6:10 PM

    If this was poker, I'd call this a bluff. Sure there are arrogant jerks who make it to medical school, but how could a person as unhinged as this even make it through college?

  9. I definitely buy that he said every one of those things. In fact, if he wasn't doing pre-med I would think he was the same guy I've met who talks like that.

  10. yes he got accept in to medical school in Philippines after 3 times

  11. I think I read this story before.

  12. What what? In the butt!

  13. Seven-thirty...you obviously never attended an art school, huh? Believe me, people this fucked up, or "unhinged," as you politely put it, manage to graduate from all levels of school all the time. They're in the workforce as we speak, being sued for medical malpractice and wondering why the world is against them.

  14. Seven-thirty6/22/2010 7:10 PM

    You may be right there.

  15. Nikki: Good Lord! Art School! You're absolutely right and I don't even attend, in this town there are many "artists" just like that. Suck wankery!

  16. Wow how did you not punch him!? Seriously, I would not have been able to restrain myself.

  17. I know Ive read this story before. On another website.


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