Birthday Buffet Bonanza

Submitted by Chris:

Allie and I were already dating for a couple of months. She was very smart and came from a wealthy family. We would do a lot of fun things together, including eating out often. I would always pay for our meals and usually took the brunt of the costs we incurred when we went out.

On my birthday, Allie suggested that we go out to eat at Todai in Houston for lunch. I had never even heard of it, but I was always up for something new.
For starters, the restaurant was a buffet-style sushi restaurant. The food was disgusting and I barely ate, but didn't complain. 

Then, the waiter hit on Allie the whole time. It must have been those "come *bleep* me" eyes that she has.
Finally, I finally figured out why Allie took me there: everything is free on your birthday! This one was reeeeaaaal classy. But it gets better. She left her wallet at home! I mean really?

Thanks to Todai I did not have to pay for myself on my birthday. I just had to pay for my date.  She made several attempts to make it up to me, but I could never forget how cheap she was, and eventually lost interest.


  1. I would try to make some weak point that she was clearly spoiled and in a way raised to act like this an hence less culpable, but I can't. Because by all the gods and everything holy there are two words that never, ever should be used consecutively: Buffet sushi.

    Congrats, OP. You found something Fizziks won't eat.

  2. Hehe, classy girl.

    But kinda serves you right for always paying everything, that's pretty lame. Oh and letting the waiter HIT ON YOUR DATE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.

    Grow a pair.

  3. Guess how her family got wealthy! By NOT SPENDING MONEY!
    I bet her dad was very proud of her this day!

  4. A buffet and sushi ewww. on your birthday to fight for food will all the 5 plate trolls! No thank you. Do you ever just watch people to see how many times they really go back up for 2nds 3rds 4ths !! Stop people 1 plate is enough! M

  5. I'm one of the people that go up for seconds at buffets, not at a sushi one though, that's just weird.

  6. I would have waited till we got back and had birthday sex, let her fall asleep and leave 20 dollars on the nightstand and left. If she is going to be cheap, you can at least make her feel cheap.

  7. She might leave you for the cop from the other day

  8. @ Anon 9:21 I'm one of the people that go for seconds and sometimes thirds, but it's because i'm trying to gain weight. I'm sick and tired of hearing alot of people complaining about needing to lose weight. Uh hello???? What about me? I have been trying to lose weight all my freaking life!!! it sucks being skinny!

  9. Wow...what a pussy you are.
    You must be new at dating because guys generally do pick up the tab...Not always...but often.

    Hey, I'm all for a girl chipping too, if she can, but If I am into a girl, I want to see her; spend time with her and wine n' dine her. I wouldn't be angry that she didn't reach for her wallet or not.

    Moreover, what does her 'family' having money got to with with anything? If it bothered you so much, why didn't you say to her ahead of time that it was her turn to pick up the tab on the next date?

    What, besides a free dinner, did you get her for her birthday? Anything? Look at it this way, she saved you some money with her free birthday meal. Douchsicle.

  10. @11:31 Have you really thought about what you have said? If you are eating enough which by the sounds of it you are then how much can it suck to be skinny? Unless you have an eating disorder then you should are in much better shape then the people that need to lose weight. I can see how failure to put on some weight could be annoying but it does not come close to the health and heart related problems people suffer from obesity not to mention depresssion and low self esteem. Your too skinny and your tired of people complaining about having to much weight....boohoo. Go eat some weight gain 4000 and become the beefcake you always wanted to be and leave us to making fun of the fatties :)

  11. @Hammertime, it was HIS birthday, not hers.

  12. @Lebowski I love you! Your amazing!! M

  13. Anon 11:31 is a liar. There are no such people in America, unless they have picked up parasites in some third-world country.

  14. Boy is my face RED!

  15. The whole point of going to a buffet (if you're the type who goes to buffets) is to get your money's worth and eat as much as you can before you die of your stomach rupturing.

    But I agree with the general consensus on here: you should have grown a set and asked her to pitch in for food/entertainment every now and then. Especially if you were going to hold her family's money against her.

    Oh, and PS: Just because someone's FAMILY is rich doesn't mean that their family gives them that money. They might be struggling to get by like everyone else.

  16. Todai is nasty, as a San Diego area resident I can attest to that. But as for Sushi buffets, Onami's is actually very good!

  17. Yeah, sushi buffet isn't automatically nasty. There's a really good one around here (Buffalo) called Ichiban!


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