The Last Train to Nowhere

Submitted by Cary:

I messaged Anna on a dating site.  She lived about 50 miles away, but her profile described a nearly perfect woman for me.  I understand that people oftentimes post profiles that aren't true reflections of themselves, but she hit so many nails on the head, that if even some of them were accurate, then I imagined that we could have really had something special.

Our messages went back and forth for a while and were overwhelmingly positive.  After a few weeks, I asked her if she'd want to meet up.  She said that she would.  Great.  Where should we meet?

"I'll come to you!" she said.  Stupendous.

Then, two days before, she let me know that she couldn't come out to me.  "I don't have a car," she explained, "And I won't take the train."

"Why not?"

"A train hit my uncle when I was a little girl."

"Okay.  I can probably make it out to you, but when you said at first that you'd come out to me, how were you planning to do it, if you don't have a car and won't take the train?"

"I don't know."


The day that I was going to drive out to see her, I called her to let her know that I was on my way.  Voicemail.

I made it out to the coffee place where we were supposed to have been meeting, and she was a no show.  I called her phone.  Voicemail.

I waited for fifteen minutes when she called me.  Where was she?  She had gotten a ride from a friend to... you guessed it!  My town... fifty miles away.

"Miscommunication" is what she called it, but I had been crystal clear when discussing the logistics of the day.  Why would there be any kind of miscommunication?  Why would I have assumed hat she could have made it out to see me after she had made it so clear that she couldn't?

I was really tired of her by this point, and I strongly suggested shelving the entire plan.  She pleaded with me not to, and said that she could wait around my town for a bit.  I told her it would probably take me about an hour to make it back there.  She said that that would be too long, then asked me if I'd wait for her at the coffee place.  No way.  Goodbye.

Even trains can be lucky.


  1. That would be seriously aggravating, bad form lady.

  2. yea, being retarded negates all those good qualities you liked so much. not worth it.

    probably runs in the family. i mean... her uncle got himself hit by a train...

  3. My uncle and a friend drowned while fishing from a boat (both were very drunk), but that doesn't stop me from taking my kids out in our own boat. Mind you, we can all swim pretty well, I drill water safety into my kids' heads, we all wear lifejackets, I don't put up with any horseplay while on the water and I am 100% sober all the time. Maybe there's a reason her uncle got hit by a train...

  4. "we all wear life jackets, I don't put up with any horseplay while on the water and I am 100% sober all the time"

    so basically your no fun on the water?

  5. "so basically your no fun on the water?"

    My kids are 2 and 5, and the river we boat in can be rough and dangerous. Six people (4 kids) have drowned there in the last 10 years while boating. We have plenty of fun, we rough-house and horseplay at the dock and on the beach, but while we're zipping along the river at 25 mph, everyone has to stay seated. If one of them were to fall in, they'd probably be dead without a lifejacket. I don't drink and drive on the water. I have two cousins who grew up without their dad. If you were a parent, you'd probably understand. ;)

    Anyhow, Anna sounds like a nut job. Poor OP...

  6. ^ It's true, most people become instantly lame and overly cautious as soon as they become a parent. Their kids turn out to be prostitutes and strippers.

  7. I'm an escort, and a dancer.

  8. Well played, 3:17

  9. Ok, so either she's stupid or there really was some kind of miscommunication. If she was as cool as you made her sound, it might have been worth it to wait another hour to see her. You sound pretty stuck up.

  10. ^just because you pray someone will overlook all of your obvious flaws and give you a chance does not make this lady cool or worthwhile. Nobody has to wait for hours on a dingbat in the hopes she's a good date.

  11. Get real...the girl was sitting at her house avoiding you.


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