High and Dry

Submitted by Jeremy:

This was back in high school.  I was out with a girl I on again/off again dated, Alana.  We were on a date, walking over a bridge when she asked me if I'd jump after her if she jumped into the water.

I told her, "Okay, sure."

With that, she jumped off the bridge (it was over a pond, not the SF bay) and splashed into the water below.  When she surfaced, she saw me looking down at her and laughing.

She asked, "Well?"

I yelled, "Well what?  I'm not jumping in there!  What the hell were you thinking?"

She got seriously upset, but what was she doing, jumping into scummy water in the first place?  Just testing me?  Far as I'm concerned, I passed.

You passed.


  1. You're the bad date, honey. Girl just wanted to have a spontaneous adventure. You told her you'd jump in and then treated her like a moron for believing you.

  2. Disagree. Fun involves knowing when an idea may be better in theory than in practice. I prefer my spontneous adventures leech-free.

  3. That would have been a FUN date if you'd have jumped in after her! Like you said, it was just a pond...so why so scared, baby boy?

  4. op is definitely a douche

  5. How did this story get on the site?

  6. I got all excited when Google Reader told me there was a new post on ABCOTD. Then I read this, and was pretty bummed. I understand this site is going through changes, but if stories like this keep cropping up, looks like it'll be time to unsubscribe. OP, your story sucks.

  7. you missed out on some crazy pond scum sex, your loss buddy.

  8. The girl on the date sounds like fun. The op sounds kind of pathetic.

  9. Maybe these are the only kinds of stories Jared is getting lately? Frankly, I thought the stories about the syrup lover and cult were pretty funny. I don't know why 5:17 is so disgruntled. I doubt anyone here--Jared included--gives a shit if you stop reading this blog because the dates aren't living up to your prissy standards.

    As for the OP, yeah, he's a dick, but she's a nut, and both were in high school when kids do shit that doesn't make any damn sense. Not the best story on here, but I'm certainly not going to storm away in a huff over it.

  10. OP, you could have gotten your tadpole in her lilypad!

    Seriously, OP should have qualified his "Yes" with the conditional "If it was to save your life". Because what kind of lunatic just jumps in a pond to see if a guy will follow. If she wanted him to jump in after her, she could have at least shed a few layers of cloths first. Just saying.

  11. I agree with Nikki. Who cares if this blog has any readers anyway, right? I mean, the ones of us that visit this site several times a day would read just about anything. Jared could shit in a pot and put pictures of it up here, and people like Nikki and me would love every bit of it. This blog is life!

  12. ...Thanks for the heavy sarcasm, 2:51. I'm not saying that, were all the date stories utter shit, I would continue reading the blog and expect others to do the same. I'm saying that, more often than not, the date stories are good, and the ones that aren't good aren't worth getting my panties in a bunch over.

  13. OP loses points for lying to his date about jumping but I can see why he wouldn't want to jump into scummy water, if she'd have said "fell" instead of "jumped" OP should have jumped

  14. I am missing some irony here or has everyone not realised this is clearly a fake story written for a laugh?

  15. Silly woman. I'd jump in to SAVE my woman anyday, but not over some girl game crazy b-tch bullsh*t!

    Good call, OP. Silly girl.

    I guess that it's 'off again' now :p


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