The Romantic Strains of Screaming Rabbits

Submitted by Liz:

My roommate at the time was dating a farmer from a neighboring town. They kept inviting me to go with them to his farm to shoot rabbits. I am a huge animal lover and did not want to go. (P.S. I understand why they need to do it, the rabbits were eating their crops, but it was not something in which I wanted to participate).

A couple of weeks later, a friend of theirs returned from a two-year Latter-Day Saints mission, and they wanted to set me up with him. We went on one date, and it was fun. A little awkward, but I chalked it up to him not dating for two years. He asked me out again, and I agreed, I asked him what we were doing and he said it was a surprise.

He picked me up at my apartment, and when I got in the truck, he wouldn 't stop grinning. I asked him what was up and he just looked in the back seat, where I saw a gun...

There were only two possible outcomes to this, and neither one seemed that great.

It turns out the "surprise" was shooting rabbits... YAY!

We got to the farm and it started to rain. I was crammed in the back of a pick-up truck with eight rednecks in the freezing rain, listening to dying rabbits. Did you know that rabbits scream when they get shot?

I didn't...


  1. What an awful awful time! I'm sorry for that, and I'm also sorry that people are so defensive you have to give a pre-emptive apology to the trolls for simply having complicated feelings about the death of animals.

    You need better friends. Doubtless they and this guy had talked about your reluctance to do this, and found a way to make you. Uncool.

  2. I think Liz just made this story up in response to the last story about the girl going nuts at that dude for hunting.

    Never happened.

  3. Why in the f*ck wouldn't you say "I will not participate in that" and go home or demand to be taken home? I am a meat eater and have shot animals hunting but if something you don't agree with; why wouldn't you stand up for yourself and your ideals?

  4. @2:32, Don't get me wrong, I think more people need to stop bullshit in it's tracks and do exactly what you suggest. But I think a case can be made for not feeling it is wise to make a big scene in front of 8 people with guns that might find those ideals offensive.

  5. 2:40, What? Are you serious? What were they going to do, shoot her because she didn't want to kill rabbits? Beat her black and blue with their guns? I think you have a pretty wrong idea about how people in the country work dude. I'm sure they would have shrugged, and brought her back home after asking if she was sure she didn't want to come.

  6. @4:52, I think you have a pretty wrong idea about how social pressure works, dude. You don't have to be in clear and present danger to feel intimidated. And I think being the unarmed person in a truck full of armed people counts for that. Saying "a case can be made" doesn't mean, "Grrl! you almost got shot, raped, then shot again!"

    These same people had deliberately disregarded her wishes on participating, or she wouldn't be there in the first place. So I doubt she had the easy exit you suggest.

  7. Rabbits taste better when they scream before they die.

  8. 5:07, those people didn't disregard her wishes. The new guy coming out of town did, and he didn't even know it was AGAINST her wishes, having been gone for two years. Also, she admits right there that she was picked up by just the guy. I think she did indeed have an easy exit, but she didn't take it. If she was uncomfortable about guns and hunting in the FIRST place, maybe she should have spoken up right when she saw the gun. PLUS, this was her roommate and a bunch of friends! Not a bunch of random, burly rednecks and one person her age. Really, this just boils down to one person not having the guts to say anything on the date.

    Actually, I'm confused. You say he picked you up at your apartment, and then later there's 8 rednecks in the truck. Did he show up at your house with a truck full of rednecks? Maybe that should have been, you know, clue #1 that you weren't going out for frappuchinos.

  9. lol, I forgot how much you guys like to nit-pick the stories.

    We had talked about the rabbit hunting on our first date, I mentioned that it wasn't really something I wanted to do (in his defnse it wasn't with convictions that would make PETA proud)
    When he picked me up, I told him again that I didn't want to do it. He said ok but asked if we could still just go out to say hi to everyone (some of the people going he hadn't seen in over two years) I agreed and we drove out (they live about 45 minutes away)
    On the ride out there he would occaionally ask me if I was sure I didn't want to do this, I kept saying no.

    We get out to the farm, he instantly tells everyone that we aren't going and of course they all groan and moan, and he gives me the innocent puppy eyes. I couldn't say no, although I wish I had.

  10. Silence of the Rabbits. What a terrible date!


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