Manhunt at the Disco

Submitted by Chris:

Melissa and I went to a concert together on a Friday night in New York.  The club was packed solid, and we could only communicate by yelling into each other's ears.  We both wanted to catch the concert, so in we dove.

We were able to stay together for about three minutes.  When we became separated, I looked all around for her, although searching in this place, full of people and dark as dark can be, was almost impossible.

Somehow, I found a relatively quiet corner and pulled out my phone.  Calling in such a loud place would have been useless, so I texted her my location in the club.  No response.  I figured that she probably wouldn't be able to feel her phone vibrate or hear it going off, due to obvious circumstances.  I texted her again a minute or so later, just in case she didn't feel it the first time.

No response.  I thought about going outside, but it was freezing out.  She wouldn't have gone outside.  If she had, surely she would have checked her phone first.

So I did my best to work the crowd, have fun, and look for her all at once.  I kept checking my phone to see if she wrote back, which she didn't.

When the show was over a couple of hours later, I figured that the crowd would thin out and that I'd find her and that we'd have a good laugh about our "date."  Heck, at least we went to the same concert, so we could compare our thoughts.

Wishful thinking on my part, it turns out.  Remember how I thought that she wouldn't have waited outside?  Guess where she was?  The entire time?

Ooh, was she mad.  I asked her if she had checked her phone, and she said that she had, but she yelled that any normal guy would have looked outside if he became separated from his date.  I countered that any normal girl would have seen the texts, gone back inside, and found that same normal guy.  Waiting outside out of spite for over two hours was ridiculous, no matter what she felt she was entitled to.

It ended in a screaming match, and we both ended up storming off in different directions.  What a crummy night, but at least I saw a good concert.


  1. Dude, you should have checked outside.

  2. Dude, you should have just walked away and then texted her that you had a great time, and sorry she didn't!

  3. I'm with Fizziks. She should have at least replied to one of the texts explaining where she was... her loss entirely.

  4. Man is it that hard to type "outside" and hit send? I wish people had some common sense.

  5. the first time she yelled at me I would have texted the word, "bye" and left.

  6. WTF is with these high-maintenance girls who want guys to read their minds instead of reacting in a normal, common sense manner? Yes, the OP could have gone outside to look for her, but really, it would have been easier for her to text her location or to meet him inside where he was. Her loss for being an idiot.

  7. I've been separated from friends/boyfriends plenty of times, as I go to a lot of shows... If both people have texting, there shouldn't be a problem. And honestly, I don't think that waiting for someone outside is that obvious. Wouldn't you want to watch the show? I'm with the OP completely on this one. He did the right thing.

  8. She had a great time too. Just not with you. She avoided you throughout the concert, made it outside before you did, and didn't want to explain herself. We women do this, you know...

  9. 3:42 is probably right, no way she stood outside the entire time. she didn't text you back because she was done with you. Loser.


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