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Submitted by Allison:

I met Rich in college.  He was a bad boy with a convertible and didn't have much use for a muffler.  We went on a couple of dates and we seemed to have a nice thing going.

When I met up with a friend of mine over a weekend, I told her about him, and she said that she was dating the same guy.  I don't see a problem with playing the field, but if you're dating two girls who happen to be friends with each other, then someone's going to end up hurt.  It just can't be avoided.  Since I was going to be seeing him next, I decided to bring it up to him.

When I did mention it at the university commons, he became really defensive and started yelling at me after I brought up the subject calmly.  He said, "I can date whoever I want!  We're not exclusive, and you're already shoving my balls into a petri dish!"

I told him again that I had no problem with him dating other people (as long as he had no problem if I did) but that dating two people who were friends was just a little weird.

"Fuck this.  I'm dumping both of you!" he said, and left me where I was.

He climbed into his nearby car and roared away... right into a curb!  There was a terrific crunch and everyone stared at him.

He jumped out of his car, and before even checking for damage, he stepped in my direction with the reddest face I've ever seen and yelled, "This is all your fault!  You're paying for this!"

He turned back to his car, leaving everyone to look at me.  Of course, I didn't end up paying for anything, and he never spoke to me or my friend again.


  1. wow this guy has problems. definitely commitment issues too, who dates more than one person at a time? i understand that ppl who are just dating and not going out have fewer rules, but actively dating someone else at the same time isn't something i'd put up with. maybe im just too old-school.

    oh btw yay first post (unless someone else comments in the brief time that im writing this)

  2. Old school and then writing 'first post'? Wow...immature is what I'd call it.

    Bad boys, bad boys...whatcha gonna do? He'll die alone with a shit box car and no girls wanting him.

  3. Omg 11:44am, go find something productive to do. What are you, unemployed and bored? The Internet police? "Immature" behavior includes giving other people shit for no reason. And no I am not the first poster but I do agree with them.

  4. I doubt this happened.

  5. I gotta say, dating a guy with a convertible, seriously?? I could well imagine the guy acting like that though, I reckon it did happen. He obviously thought he was quite the man and then it's in college as well.

    Glad you didn't pay for the vehicle. I gotta say though, you two should have continued dating him and not said anything if it didn't bother you or walked away if you were worried about each other.

    Why should he be confronted about it if it didn't bother you. And, if you were only just dating there's a good chance he didn't know you were mates.

  6. ^ She said something because it did bother her. She just likes to think that it didn't. Notice how she mentioned "I don't have a problem with him dating multiple people, as long as he had no problem that I did." Why would he care? Why even bring it up if it's not an issue?
    ... Because to her, it is an issue.

    Monogamous people should not try to enter polygamous relationships. Coming from a polygamist, you're just going to end up feeling jealous and hurt. Stick with other monogamous people.

  7. It's not like he had two girlfriends. They were just dating. Dating a couple people is normally how it goes, as I understand. You stop when you make one your girlfriend.

    The problem is that the girls were friends. That's asking for trouble.

  8. Ahh 20 years old...

  9. The problem wasn't that he was dating another girl; THAT I don't think she would have had a problem with that. The problem was that he was dating her friend as well. Awkward? Yes.

    As for the whole monogamous/polygamist thing... There's a difference between dating more than one person, and being in a relationship with more than one person.

    1. They weren't exclusive. How can she really expect him to find out beforehand if any girl he wants to date knows any other girl he's dating? OP is kind of being silly here.

  10. "He was a bad boy with a convertible and didn't have much use for a muffler."

    This is the lamest description I've ever seen of another human being.

  11. a 'bad boy' driving a convertable? does that even happen? did he have a pony tail as well?

  12. Was his name Ken? Was it a pink convertible? You dodged a bullet, you were his beard and your friend his chest hair. He should just come out already.


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