Rippin' and Roarin'

Submitted by Gerry:

I met Sarah online.  She seemed sane and intelligent, which was a welcome change from what I had been used to.  We were out at coffee when she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

She didn't come out for a while, but when she finally did, she was walking funny and held part of the dress she was wearing in her fist.

"I have to go.  I ripped my dress."

I asked her, "Is it bad?"

She gritted her teeth and said, "If it wasn't bad, would I have said, 'I have to go'?"

Okay, okay.  So I walked her outside and she was walking normally.  I didn't see a tear anywhere.

I asked her, "Where'd you tear it?"

She groaned and pointed to a small tear, maybe about an inch or so long, at the bottom hem.  It was almost nothing, and I would never have noticed it if she didn't point it out.

I asked her, "Is it really that bad?  I didn't even see it.  I mean, go home if you want to, but it doesn't bother me."

She yelled, "Of course it doesn't bother you!  You're probably hoping the whole thing rips off!"

We were on a public street.  This sort of anger and tone were not really called for.  I stepped back and said, "Fine, fine.  Go home.  Want me to follow you there or meet you someplace when you're done changing?"

"Oh no.  This date is over.  You're behaving like a little boy."

I saw where this was going and decided to cut my losses.  I bid her goodbye, and that was the end of it.  I honestly was concerned for her, but she seemed to think that I had evil ulterior motives.  Her loss.


  1. maybe it was a really expensive borrowed dress? i mean, im a guy but i could understand if a girl freaked out if the dress was borrowed with a "make sure it comes back perfect" kinda agreement

  2. ..Orrrr, maybe she's legit crazy. Even if I was wearing a borrowed dress, I wouldn't go psycho on my date.

  3. Sorry dude. She wasn't interested. She called a friend while in the bathroom and came up with this scheme to get out of it. A small tear is easy to fix, but this date was OVAH!

  4. ^ Agreed. She needed an excuse to end the date and make a clean get-away.

  5. People are entirely too creative with their "this date is horrible, I need out NOW" excuses. Whatever happened to just calling it an early night? Or having your friend call, pretending to be your dying grandmother? Why the elaborate schemes?!

  6. ummmm isnt a friend calling pretending to be a dying grandmother an elaborate scheme?

  7. Not as elaborate as tearing a dress, spending a ridiculous amount of time in the bathroom, and then storming out of the restaurant and pretending to go apeshit crazy on some poor bastard who just wanted to have dinner with a nice girl.

  8. I think the people suggesting that dates start acting crazy, or rip their clothes, or have a friend call them with an "emergency" are either full of shit or they've dated really spineless, awful people. What is so wrong with saying, "Y'know, I'm just not feeling it. Thanks for dinner, and better luck in the future."

  9. I made a suggestion like that once before here, 6:30, and it was not received well. Maturity and the people in abcotd do not go hand in hand. :P

  10. Tell the truth, Gerry. You WERE hoping the whole thing would just rip off!

  11. Yeah, she was definitely just trying to get out of the date. She's obviously a non-confrontational individual who has a problem with telling a stranger how she really feels. She didn't want to come off as nice, because then he might try to reschedule the date, so she went with acting like a crazy bitch instead. Whatever works for her, I guess.

  12. "she was walking funny and holding her dress..."
    She was having some kind of personal plumbing emergency and didn't want to tell you the details of it...you shoulda seen that and laid off on the inquisition.

  13. Maybe she's the same date from a previous story who thought she "shat out an organ"? She did it again, and it was so bad this time that she actually tore her dress in the act? How embarrassing for her.

  14. She tore the dress to hide the cum stain from the bathroom. She was working that night, after all.

  15. Sounds like she was making up an excuse to get away from you. Or she had an unexpected period (which would explain the stupid excuse AND the bad mood...)


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