I Don't See You

Submitted by Al:

Tracey and I arranged to see a movie and then have dinner.  We went to see Avatar.

Around halfway through, she began snorting at the action onscreen, shaking her head, and rolling her eyes on a regular basis.  I asked her if she was okay.

She said, "This is the most boring thing I've ever seen."

I didn't know what to say, so I stayed silent.  A minute later, she repeated, "This is the most boring thing I've ever seen."

I was enjoying myself, but I definitely wanted to be conscious of her feelings, even though she hadn't thanked me when I paid for the ticket.  Or the drinks.  Or the popcorn.

I began, "Do you want to... what do you want to...?"

"Can we go?" she asked.

I didn't want to do that, so I asked, "Can we stay just a little bit longer?  I'm sure it's going to pick up."

She moaned and looked back at the screen and said, "This is the most boring thing I've ever seen."

Less than five minutes later, she asked me again if we could leave.  I told her, "It must be almost over by now.  He just tamed one of those freaky flying velociraptors."

"I can't take it anymore," she said, removing her 3-D glasses, "I just can't."

She stood up and left.  I stayed inside, got my money's worth, and stayed for the whole thing.  I didn't count her as a big loss, as I'd be happier with someone who had a bit more patience.  And who thanked me for paying.

YouTube - Something Less Boring Than Avatar (Safe for work.  Unless you work here.)


  1. i'd have to agree with the date here. avatar was boring and preachy (even to the converted). but your story is even worse.

  2. Hopefully this wasn't a first date. Taking a person you just met to see a three-hour-long movie doesn't really allow any time for getting to know one another, and it's hard to get a handjob from the girl with all those people in the packed theatre.

    At least she didn't lose any money by walking out. Although girl like that who just assumes the dude'll pay and doesn't even say thank you probably went to management and bitched until she got a free ticket/refund.

  3. Tracey was totally rude. She shouldn't have agreed to see Avatar in the first place if it's not her kind of thing. Plus I don't blame the guy for getting his money's worth -- girl didn't even say thank you!! Even if she was "expecting" it as a first-date-man-pays courtesy, you still always say thank you.

  4. Architect, did you submit our movie time? And why did you change your name to Al? ;-)

    Inside jokes out of the way, I went with a friend to see this movie, and aside from the talking aloud basically did exactly what this chick did (which I don't normally - movie was *that* awful). And I still think she's the bitch in this date. No reason to be rude to your date because a movie everyone said has not plot delivers as promised.

  5. I'm sure you would have 10:08.

    Dudes who pay for the girl and don't require a thank you are setting themselves up to be walked out on though. At least you didn't walk out after her, kudos for that.

  6. there are certain etiquettes that are expected when being in public, and being a spoiled brat is not one of them. I feel for the OP here - it's not like he made Avatar. He invited her to see it with him and she agreed.

    If she didn't like the movie, she should have kept quiet until the end and they could have ended up doing something else. It's rude to accept things and be ungrateful. Whatever happened to a polite please and thank you?

  7. For real, Avatar is a terribly boring movie. It's only redeeming quality is ushering in the way we will be watching movies in the future, which is not inconsequential. That said, this definitely qualifies as a bad date, but mostly for choosing that movie. Go see it with your friends, not your romantic interest.

  8. * "Its", not "It's". sry

    inb4 grammar police

  9. Yeah... it's a rough line between how much you should pay to be liked and how much your date should pretend to like you after you pay.

    Oh wait, it's not. You cut your losses at one date and decide that first dates should be cheaper coffee dates where you don't lose more than you'd feel put out losing.

  10. Damn, 12:07! Way to take away all my fun. ;D j/k Seriously though, I didn't think Avatar was that boring. YES, I liked the movie better when it was just plain old "Fern Gully" (or "Pocahontas" or "Dances with Wolves" or any movie where a white dude saves a bunch of Natives from doom and destruction by evil White Men), but it was really good visually (especially in IMAX THREEEEE-DEEEEE, as I saw it). I could have used an intermission though. ;)

  11. I think they both did the right thing. If I were that bored on a date, I'd stand up and leave too. Isn't this what most of you people bitch at others about anyway? Sticking around when they're not enjoying themselves? I think people just want to bitch at just about *anything* on this site.

  12. Ha...when I first read, I thought it said "Aviator" and wondered how in the hell I missed the part where Howard Hughes tamed a flying velociraptor.

    No, I don't have anything constructive to add. I thought Avatar was kinda boring too. Not enough to leave though. I have only walked out of 1 movie in my life.

  13. Yeah...Avatar sucks, and you gave up a date for a crappy (mostly) computer animated movie? Lame...the point of a date is to be with the person you're on the date with, not to get engrossed in some lame sci-fi movie.

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  15. LOL @ Fizziks - No, you'd never appear on ABCOTD by my hand ;) But if I was this dude my response to her would have been STFU and GTFO. Seriously, if she hated it that much then fine, but let the OP alone so he can finish seeing Pocahontas and John Smith save Ferngully.

    On a side note: Unless you are making a quiet funny observation, STFU during a movie. Really.


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