The Worst Deal in Town

Submitted by Anonymous:

I met an older boy, Josh, at a party. We had a great time together, it turned out that we liked the same music and movies, and we basically just had a lot in common. As it came time to leave, he asked me if he could take me out on a Wednesday afternoon. I thought, weird time for a date, but okay, why not?

The Wednesday of the date, he called to tell me that he was downstairs.  I went to meet him and literally the first thing he said to me was, "So, I didn't get my paycheck.  I can't really take you anywhere nice." Wonderful start to the date right?

I was too nice to say anything that I was thinking, so I just smiled and nodded.

We got to his car, he had the crappiest Jeep with absolutely no doors or roof.  He said, "Heh, I should have warned to you wear a hat."  Yes, Josh, yes you should have.

He took his old, sweaty baseball cap and stuck it on my nicely done hair, without even asking! Then he said, "So what's it gonna be? McDonalds?"

Awkward pause. He said, "I'm jut kidding..."

That time I actually did speak up.  "McDonalds on a first date? Wow, I'm going out with a real Romeo, huh?" I laughed at the end to try to make it seem like I was kidding.

He bought it. "Oh, I know the perfect place!" he said, and we drive off...

Turns out this "perfect place" was a cheap, disgusting Philly cheese steak... I can't even call it a restaurant... stand, I guess? Anyway, it looked gross, but I didn't want to be a bitch, so I just ordered.

It came time to pay and he said, "Oh shoot, I don't think I have enough to cover both of us. You mind chipping in?" Now, I don't expect boys to pay for everything, but on a first date? It's kind of customary.

Anyway, I threw in a few dollars. Then guess what he did? HE ASKED FOR IT TO GO! Yes... on the first date, this boy decided to take me back to his house... I already felt so uncomfortable, but I didn't know what to do, so I just went.

The rest of the date was spent sitting awkwardly on his couch, eating this disgusting cheese steak, and watching Finding Forrester (which is not a date movie, let me tell you). He kept scooting closer, while I scooted farther away and took as long as possible to eat my sandwich.

Thank GOD my mother called me, so I excused myself and begged her to help me figure out a way to get him to take me home.

We came up with a story, I laid it on him, and he agreed to take me to my house. He said, "But not without a goodbye kiss," grabbed me, and started making out with me. I was in shock so I didn't push him off right away, but... ew.

Fast-forward a week... I was sick as a dog with the worst cold of my life.

Fast-forward three weeks... I was finally well again and went to a party. He was there and he asked me out AGAIN.  I played it cool and changed the subject, "So, Josh, what have you been up to?"

"Ugh, I was super sick."

"Oh yeah, when was that?"

"Like, around the time we went out."

Great. I got a Philly cheese steak and a cold... and neither was free.


  1. of course this was a bad date: the OP is a stuck up, immature, spoiled teenager.

    oh and princess? The Jeep you mentioned? They're _supposed_ to have a removable roof and doors.

  2. Wow, you really shouldn't have been that nice and considerate at your own expense. And seriously, you shouldn't have gone with him to his house feeling the way you did.. bad, bad, bad idea but so glad you're alright. Next time a boy grabs you and starts making out with you, grab and twist his nuts (be sure to add pressure as well).. but then again it's not like you really let him know you had no interest, but still that's way not cool. A car without doors or a roof, wish I could've seen that.

  3. So... in a nutshell: he didn't have any money, and I'm too shallow to give him a chance.

  4. Oh no that sounds terrible... ew ew ew. So sorry for you!

  5. OP sounds awful awful awful.

  6. You need a backbone...STAT!

  7. This girl was more interested in being taken out / treated than in her actual date. Why a sense of entitlement on her part?

    Guys listen up, the first date should be short and inexpensive. This weeds out the mercenaries keeping it focused on the actual reason for the date, two strangers supposedly interested in each other taking the first step. If it doesn't work out, then there wasn't too much invested. You never know what the other person's agenda truly is. The OP seems more concerned with quality of the experience rather then the opportunity. Although, shame on this guy for not having money and taking the girl to his house.

    Some girls have a preconceived notion that every guy wanting a date needs to lavish her. Just because you might find someone attractive doesn't mean you will necessarily enjoy their company and this is hardly taken into perspective. What happens is people rush into rejection rather than taking it slower and not spending too much time.

  8. I think she does come off sounding like a spoiled teenager, but hopefully she'll grow out of it as she grows up. He sounds like a dumb, awkward teenaged (or early 20s) guy. Hopefully he'll grow out of that too.

    Still, to get sick from a date is the pits.

  9. They both suck, honestly a Cheese steak on a nice day doesn't sound like a bad first date to me. You can walk around and talk, I would of asked if she liked em first though. But then again if you cant enjoy a causal date like that i wouldn't be interested in you anyway.

  10. It's not like the guy didn't want his paycheck, but she was immediately pissed off she wouldn't be treated like the princess she felt she was. Here's an idea... if he says he can't take you anywhere, POSTPONE! And if it pisses you off that much, just cancel. You basically led him on by pretending you were interested, and that makes you a bitch. No sympathy for you, I'm afraid. The only thing I think he did wrong was the make-out session. The rest of the wrong is on you.

    Oh, and the Jeep with no doors and roof? AWESOME! I'd have loved that, and I'm a girl. Lighten up, and attempt to enjoy life.

  11. Hi... I'm the person who posted this. I didn't mean to come off as a bitch and honestly, I wasn't expecting anything super amazing. I attempted small talk but he wasn't in a talking mood...truthfully, all I think he wanted to do was get me back to his house as fast as possible... it was just all around uncomfortable. And yes, since this experience I have gotten more of a "backbone" because it was a very awkward experience.

    I enjoy a fun date too, I'm not expecting a lobster dinner, I'm totally good to go for a hike in the park and a slice of pizza... it was just the fact he told me he was taking me out somewhere nice then shows up and I end up paying and then it's back to his house and yadda yadda. If I knew it was going to be that type of date, I would have prepared for that, he just led me to believe he was taking me out somewhere nice.

    I promise I'm not a bitch haha... I'm just a 16 year old who had a bad time, that's all :P

  12. I feel bad for most of the people on this site, but you definitely sound like a snob...it's a nice gesture to pay for a woman on the first date, but by no means required. He sounds like a nice guy, a little nervous if anything. And you mentioned yourself he was older, perhaps a freshmen in college? When your in college you can't afford the best cars or restaurants in the world when you're in college. Maybe grow up a little bit before going on any more dates?

  13. Lately, the submissions on this site are getting lamer and lamer, with both parties deserving to get the shit slapped out of them.

  14. Customary for the guy to pay for everything? Sure, if you are working as an escort. 3 weeks later and you still have no dates? Gee, I wonder why.

  15. Actually, this story happened to me about a year and a half ago... I'm in a very successful relationship as of now. We've been dating for almost a year and trust me, I pay for things just as much as he does. Plus, it's not about the money!!! Jeez, everyone's so fixated on that. Perhaps it was a poor choice of words on my part.

    Is it only where I'm from where it's normal that the guy pays on the first date? Maybe that's just the type of people I've grown up with.. but yes, where I'm from, that's pretty customary. Past the first date, it's up to the couple.

    People hiding behind their computers and little Anonymous title are so tough. All I wanted to do was post a story and share a laugh. That's all it is now, a laugh. There is no need to take something that didn't even happen to you so seriously.

  16. Go Emily! I don't think you're in the wrong at all. At first, your post seemed a bit superficial but after reading your comments it seems like you're a nice girl and this was just an unfortunate experience.

    Good luck with your current BF + Happy V-day!

  17. yeah guys, back off. it's a funny bad date story. the kid said she's only 16. rude people.

    good luck next time!

  18. Twenty-something2/14/2010 10:22 AM

    I would love to see what most of these anonymous trolls were like when they were 16 (although I'm sure many of them are still pathetic teenaged losers). I doubt they'd even be able to get *A* date, much less a bad one. ;P

  19. Sorry OP, I'm not a tough guy hiding behind anon posts, I just don't want to register. Customary pay for first date went out when women won their freedom. Equal Employment Opportunity means you make just as much as a man, so you need to pay the same. Freedom is not free.

  20. I went on a date last night. What I would have given for a philly cheesesteak sammich instead of the expensive seabass, wine and scallops and a guy who stated his sexual demands within the first 20 minutes.

    Money doesn't make a good date.

    A Jeep with no doors and no roof - now that makes a good date. (This is what I own. Quit bagging on my wheels...)

  21. I stand with 2:08, expensive first dates place too much emphasis on what one percieves as being "owed". That should be reserved for later, when the two of you actually have a relationship.

  22. @11:26 - What alternate, happy reality do YOU live in where women *actually* make as much as their male counterparts? Just because a law is in place doesn't mean that it's the reality of a situation. Women STILL do NOT make as much as men do. While no woman should assume that a man is going to pay for her portion on a date--first or otherwise--she should not come to that conclusion because of some fantasy idea that she makes the same amount of money he does.

  23. I'm not buying this story at face value. I think that it was actually written by the GUY in the piece with suitable exaggerations, trying to get a bunch of strangers to abuse the girl. Real grown up of you, kid.

  24. 11:32, so then was the commenter who said she was the OP *also* the guy? Would he really go that far out of his way just to get a bunch of lame-asses approval on the Internet? Do you also believe the moon landing was faked?

  25. Ahaha Nikki, I always like your comments, except that penis you made for gripester (Just kiddin.. ;)). About that date, Im a guy and it would be the kind of date I would take a girl to.(The philly steak joint) These small place are always the best. And who said that a doorless Jeep was not cool?

  26. ^^ is homeless.

  27. 3:36 is homeless and probably lost his job to a woman.

  28. very true 11:27. if i remember my facts right, women still about 28 cents on the dollar less than men for the same job.

    and i gotta say, emily is kind of a bitch. chances are one or both parties may not be that into the other come get to know ya time. so to recoup, on the first date, they should go dutch. split everything down the middle
    just keep it simple stupid-maybe coffee, a walk in the park, etc.
    and the jeep thing? just one more example of you being a prissy little bitch

  29. Come on guys, OP's trolling. :P this isn't real at all, it's oozing with so much over-embellished fakery.

    Nice try, though, kudos on concreting the high-maintenance bitchwoman stereotype. :P thanks. :P

  30. Why would the guy ask her out on a date (On a Wednesday afternoon mind you.) if he didn't have the cash? And he said 'I didn't get payed so im gonna have to take you to a cheaper place' yet once they got there he STILL couldn't pay, HE ASKED HER OUT.. Then didn't even ask her if she wanted to stay and chat, instead took it to go and went to his house w.out asking her.. What if she didn't wanna go to a guy house.. Honestly he was most likely looking to have sex, he wasn't interested in spending money on you which is why he brougt you to a cheap place and made you pay and brought you back to his house.. bringing someone to there own house or looking to go over a girls house on a first date/hangout ALWAYS means they hope something comes from it.. And if you new you were sick you had the perfict opportunity to say so while he was kissing you.. Why no?? And yeah the jeep thing, ever watch jurassic park? I believe they had one of those if i remember correctly in the movie.. its not soppose to have doors and windows..


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