Sledding to Oblivion

Submitted by Nia:

Jordan had the idea to go sledding on our first date together.  He was a friend of a friend, which made me feel good about going out with him.

We took turns on the saucer sled that he brought, until he asked if we could try going down together, with me on his lap.  I figured that it was harmless, so we did it.  On our way down, he pulled my head back and tried to kiss me, but I pulled away and fell off the sled.

He didn't let go, and so he came tumbling after as the sled continued its way all the way down the sizable hill.  He watched it go.

"Go get it," he ordered.

I shook my head and smiled, trying to stay light-hearted about the whole thing.  "It's your fault," I said, "If you hadn't tried to kiss me, then it wouldn't have happened."

"If you hadn't pulled away, then it wouldn't have knocked me off balance.  Now go get it.  I'll meet you back up top."

I shook my head and told him, "No.  I'm not going to get it by myself.  Why don't you come with me and we can get it together?"  I figured that a compromise would work here.

No dice.  "Go get it," he repeated, then said, "Nothing bad will happen to you."

He started up the mountain.  I looked down at the sled and followed him back up.  When we were nearly at the top, he turned to me and said, "What the hell?  I thought I told you to get the sled!"

I said to him, "And I don't like being ordered around.  We get it together or you can get it by yourself, but I'm not going on my own to get it."

He said, "If I go get it by myself, then this is over."

That was music to my ears.  He did, and it was.  Beautiful.


  1. No comment..

  2. Aww, gotta love it when a man confuses a woman with a dog...Fetch - Good girl!

  3. "Lets get it Together"....No Dice! lol

  4. You handled that beautifully - Brava on not letting yourself be treated like a door mat.

  5. I agree, you handled it perfectly.

  6. "dodged a bullet" ... mental giant. Sick of that over used phrase.

    I'm assuming these are two young inexperienced daters.

    This guy made a move and it didn't work out. Sadly, he didn't salvage the situation by agreeing to the compromise.

    Sounds like a bunch of disgruntled female commentators who jump at the chance to bash men when they are not at the equal rights rallies. But not before they complain about a guy being cheap.

    This guy blew it, the girl doesn't answer his calls. Plain and simple. Be part of the solution (helpful insight) and not the problem.

  7. Who gets all worked up over a bad date story? Seriously.

  8. Oh yeah 11:52 "This guy blew it, the girl doesn't answer his calls." great idea. Much better than what she did which was stand up for herself at the time and by the end of the date it was clear nothing would come of it and nobody need waste any more time. I too prefer the passive-aggressive approach ie "I won't let him know I'm not interested, I'll just let him keep calling til he gets the hint". OP, well done. The guy was an idiot.

  9. 11:32, thanks for the laugh! In all seriousness, Jordan sounds like someone off his meds. I think the OP did well by getting away from him. There are so many wonderful men out there-- no woman has to settle for a loser like that. I know I sure did meet and dump my fair share of duds before meeting my prince! That is what dating is all about.

  10. I think you should have gone and gotten the sled. then this story would have ended with you telling us how he tried to rape you on the second run down the hill.

  11. What do you tell a blonde with 2 black eyes? Nothing, that bitch has already been told twice to get the sled.


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