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Submitted by James:

Helen was a girl in college who I had admired from afar. I was able to engineer my way into being her partner on a political science project, which meant that we'd be meeting up between classes together.

She was a lot more serious-minded than I was, and when I tried to learn a bit more about her (by asking things like, "Where are you from? What are your hobbies?") she'd give me short answers and tell me to focus on the project. Fair enough. It's what we were there to do, after all.

After an afternoon of hunkering down on our research, I asked her if she wanted to grab dinner. She said no. I asked her why not, expecting to hear that she was busy, tired, or even just plain uninterested. I could have handled any of those.

Instead, she freaked out. "Sure! I'll just throw away my time and efforts by going out with you! Do I have any other work to do? No! Of course not! I'll just skip everything and waste my time with you! You mean all of my work will magically get done if I don't do it? Yes! Exactly right, Helen! Your work will just do itself! Like magic! I'll just magic my work away! It'll be worth it! I don't need to go to college! I can make it big, too, like my sister who went to Cornell! Even if I quit! Especially if I quit!"

She went on like this for a while. I didn't take it too personally, as this was probably her way of blowing off steam from a really overbearing home life.

We didn't end up going out.


  1. the last sentence made that story

  2. hmmm...not sure if this counts as a bad date....Sounds to me like she was dreading the inevitable move-making, and the tension of it overwhelmed her.

  3. This sounds more like a pre-date disaster. Maybe she was just stressed out and not in the mood. Still she overreacted.

  4. Funny how he wanted some run of the mill excuse with the straight up "no" being unsatisfactory. Were you fishing for a drop of hope or what?

    I suppose the OP likes it better to have a girl string his hopes along before realizing she is not interested. Unfortunately, this is fairly typical to only think about what they want rather paying attention to what the other says or how they act.

    "If I only keep trying, try harder, I'll wear her down and she will give in or grow to like me."

    One thing women don't like is being pressured regardless of the fact this one was wound tight and let loose on the OP.

    @3:14 Funny. Sounds like you haven't a clue. BTW, You forgot to throw out "Maybe she was playing hard to get."

  5. Wasn't really a date then was it?

    @9:34 get some fresh air.

  6. Sounds like 9:34 is the "date" in this one. ;P

  7. Sounds to me like she was playing hard to get. ;-)

  8. Uh...wtf 11:46?

  9. 11:46 just reinforces my thoughts that there should be a character limit in the comment section. that would also take care of 9:34, who is, by the way, an idiot.

  10. 5:31 u champion that idea, lets see some follow through now.

    thank you, for the compliment. glad to see you are making a valid contribution here in the comments. 9:34, who is, by the way, me.

    Suppose when you ask a girl out and she replies with "no" then you also feel short changed as well only to question why you did not receive the requisite excuse.

  11. Common 6:36, 5:31 is a beggar at heart. Some women out there take pity on the weak.

  12. you "engineered" your way into a project, then continued making advances toward a girl who repeatedly ignored every effort? What was this class "Stalking 101?" Geez, I think there are even laws against this kind of behavior.


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