Sour Notes

Submitted by Kelly:

Paul was an acquaintance of mine who I knew through a mutual friend.  He and I both had the same taste in music, so when he called to let me know that he wanted to take me out and had two tickets for awesome seats at a concert, I was completely on board.

I was waiting at the cafe where we were supposed to meet when he called to tell me that he'd be so late that I might as well just meet him at the concert venue.  I was upset, but maybe there was something unavoidable.  At least he called, right?

He showed up to the venue with two other girls, who were acting as human crutches for his drunk ass.  He was very happy to see me, pushed the two other girls over towards me, and asked us, "Okay, now which one should I take inside with me?"

My first inclination on seeing this disgusting display was to say, "Not me," then turn and walk away.

Which is exactly what I did.


  1. Should've let him pick you, then ditch his a$$ inside the concert and have fun on your own.

  2. To Anon 1:17.

    Killer concert? Where did it say that or even who it was that was playing?
    Not everybody would be as desperate as you to hang out with some jackass who just showed up on a date, drunk with 2 other chicks. Quit being such a wanker and get back to playing Dungeons and Dragons.

  3. Aww, that's so cute! He thought he would get you with the Drunken Player routine! Now granted, the Player routine only works in 2 out of 5 women, and the Drunken Player routine has a much lower success rate...

  4. 1:17 RTFA, SHE stated "awesome seats"


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