The Price Is Right. The Date Is Wrong.

Submitted by Dennis:

It was to be my second date with Allie.  She had been away visiting friends out of state for a week, so I was excited to see her.  I drove to her home to pick her up, and she came outside with a little gift, a small statuette.  I was touched, and thanked her.

As I turned it over in my hands, I saw that a price tag was still stuck to it.  I started peeling it off.

She reached for it and said, "Here, I'll do it."

"It's okay," I told her, "I've got it."

"Let me do it," she said, more insistently.

I almost had it off, so it seemed pointless.  "I've got it.  No worries."

"Fine!" she shouted, jumped out of my car, slammed the door, and went back up to her house.

I waited outside, processing what had just happened for probably close to twenty minutes.  Then, I left.

She called me not long after, asking, "What the hell is your problem?"

I told her that flying off the handle for something so small wasn't cool, and that her attitude was my problem.  She kept calling me "stubborn" and "selfish," and so that was my epic second (and final) date with Allie.


  1. she was probably embarassed that you had seen the price tag.

    To freak out like that about however, was offside.

  2. Bob's Beauty1/20/2010 9:31 AM

    Why didn't you just let her have this one? It's embarrassing to have someone see how much (or how little) you paid for a gift, and you should have just handed the dumb thing over anyway and let her feel better about the whole ordeal.

    Yes, she flipped waaaaaay out, but really? You were both stubborn.

  3. yeah, a good chunk of this was your fault. she was just embarrassed you had seen the price

  4. Why would you take the price tag off in front of her? You could have just acted as if you hadn't seen it and it wouldn't have been a big deal. But dealing by her crazy reaction, maybe it wasn't a bad idea after all..

  5. Sorry bro, obvioulsy she was embarassed that you saw the price tag, thats a no brainer. Should have just given it back. Her reaction was as over the top as your ignorance.

  6. Why the hell do so many of the people who comment on these stories take stuff so personally?? Calling complete strangers "dumbass" and launching into a ranting tirade toward someone you've never (and will never) meet IRL is just sad and pathetic. My only conclusion is that it's the actual subjects/victims of these stories who post anonymously...

  7. Churro, speak for yourself! You don't know any of the above Anonymouses, yet they still stir strong emotions in you. Let's analyze your motive for writing here and start hacking you to bits.

  8. I have to agree churro, launching into a tirade about (sad and pathetic) people you've never met about them launching into a tirade about (dumbass) people they've never met... well, congratulations on the self-awareness there, really.

    OP, yeah seriously just give her the statue or better yet don't let on you've seen the price tag in the first place. Was this your first time playing with others?

  9. Anyone forget the mention that if she was so self conscious about how much (or little) the gift would have cost then maybe she should have removed the pricetag beforehand instead of running inside like the overemotional child she seemed to be?

  10. sadly, Churro launches himself into a sad, pathetic tirade against strangers who launch sad pathetic tirades against strangers. Irony in its finest form.


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