See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Stop Touching Me

Submitted by Noah:

Jillian and I were out at a movie on our first (and only) date.  Over the course of the movie, she went from holding my hand to stroking my arm to kissing my neck to putting her arms around me to putting her hands under my shirt.

Now, I like physical affection, but this much on a first date?  We were getting along, but this seemed a bit forward for me.  I pulled her hands out from under my shirt gently and whispered to her to slow it down.

She ripped her hands away and didn't touch me for the rest of the movie.

After we got out, she barely spoke to me, even when I tried to talk to her about it.  I explained that I liked being physical, but it was just a first date and that it didn't really seem right that early after meeting someone for a date.  I could see, if it was a one-night stand or if she was someone I was just picking up at a bar, then it would be different.

She didn't say a word, and we parted ways, never to meet or speak again.


  1. So you knew in the movie theater she was alot more than a one night stand......interesting...

  2. so what's it like to not know you're gay?

  3. So the escort you hired got pissed when you told her to slow it down? I would have not payed her.

    Seriously though, who takes a girl on a first date to the movies? Best date idea for least amount of interaction and does not require talking.

  4. The comments so far are lame. As the good fellow explained, he wasn't out for a one-night-stand. She was, so no harm done to anyone.

  5. Thanks, 5:16, for being the voice of reason.

  6. Blah blah insert madonna / whore diatribe here. Having sex with someone on the first date doesn't make it a one-night stand. NOT seeing them again after that does.

  7. she must have been ugly. or the ticket guy was cute.

  8. Oh no how dare someone not be comfortable with the level of physical affection they are getting how horrible for him to have limits and want his personal space and bodily autonomy to be respected.

    1) he never yelled at her to stop or was rude or anything. He told her to "slow it down" and she took it as OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME STOP IT RAPE judging by her over-the-top reaction.
    2) so he has a limit. he doesn't want to get too physical on a first date. his comparison with a one-night-stand does not mean he KNEW it wasn't going to be one, it means that wasn't what he was looking for. Therefore, no sex because he wasn't out looking for it. Logic.
    3) The above does not mean she wasn't just being affectionate, she probably was. But it also does not mean that he's some pussy overly-sensitive emo kid who cries over everything. It just means he isn't an unapologetic horndog. WOW HOW TERRIBLE.

  9. Hey, if you weren't comfortable with all the touchy feely stuff then why should anyone put you down for it. I don't blame you for what you did and I don't blame her for her reaction either. She felt rejected and she's human.

  10. This comment section makes me mad. If the genders were reversed here everyone would be 100% supportive of the OP and even insisting the OP should have just left the theater rather than stay. But just because the OP is male he can't have some self-respect without being trashed?!


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