Dance Dance Dissolution

Submitted by Hannah:

Joel took me out dancing to a club in the city.  I got tired after dancing for a couple of hours and went to sit down, but he pulled me further into the dance floor.  I told him that I wanted to get something to eat, but he said, "Just a little longer.  Come on!"

We danced for about another half hour, and that that point, I was really hungry and wanted to sit down for a bit.  Still, he held me on the dance floor and wouldn't let me go.  Finally, I told him that I was going to get something to eat. 

He quipped, "Suit yourself, but I'll have a hard time sleeping with you if you don't burn a few more calories."

I hit back, "That's okay.  I have a hard time sleeping with assholes," and left the dance floor.


  1. Fh.. ff.. ffirr.. firs..ss.. No! must resist urgh to say it and sounding like a complete douche. AAARRRGH!!! ichiban.. doesn't count it's in Japanese.

  2. I can honestly say that is the least funny comment I have EVER seen.

  3. you telling me you danced for 2 1/2 hours straight without a break?

  4. You probably should have eaten dinner before going out on a dancing date (not dinner and dancing).

    The guy was probably upset that you were trying to get a meal out of him when he planned to just take you dancing.

  5. Any guy who WANTS to dance for 3 hours isn't interested in girls anyways.

  6. Woooow. What a prick. Good job getting away from him.

    And 1:30, she never said she expected HIM to go with her to get something to eat. She wanted a break, which is valid if you've been dancing for a long time in a hot club. Stop assuming that every girl on this website is just trying to get a free meal out of a man.

  7. bitter much, Anon 7.05?

  8. lets be honest no matter how deserved.....her comeback wasn't as good as his fat joke.

  9. man this was a hilarious practical joke


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