South of the Border, Over the Line

Submitted by Anthony:

Grace suggested that we visit an arboretum and go out for Mexican on our first date.  I asked her if she liked any Mexican restaurant in particular and her only instructions were to pick out "a good one."  I picked out a local one on Yelp that had great reviews.

She seemed cold and distant the entire time at the arboretum, and when I told her where we'd be going for dinner, she said, "Uh, I won't eat there."

I asked her if she had another suggestion.  She said, "That's not my responsibility.  I asked you to pick a place out."

I explained that I didn't really know of any other local Mexican places offhand.  She said, "That's not my problem."

I asked her why she was being difficult.  She then asked me why I had shown up to a date unprepared for her.  I asked her if she would be willing to consider non-Mexican cuisine.  She told me that Mexican was all she wanted.

I told her that if she didn't help me out, then she'd be forcing a stalemate, and that we wouldn't be going anywhere, and, if that was where we were heading, then we might as well end the date right then and there.

She said, "If that's what you want."

I hesitated, then realized that that was what I wanted, so I did.


  1. There wasn't a Taco Bell nearby?

    *Bonus* It could have lubed up her poopchute for ya!

  2. yea dude, you missed out. you could have eaten her taco.

  3. She was obviously just picking a fight because she didn't like the chemistry between you. If she was cold and distant BEFORE you mentioned where you were eating, then rather than be a mature adult and try to end the date on grown-up, amiable terms, she played mind games and tried to make it seem like the failure of the date was YOUR fault.

    Good try salvaging things, and thank goodness you didn't waste a lot of time on her.

  4. It's a miracle that some people manage to mate and reproduce at all!

  5. I asked her if she had another suggestion. She said, "That's not my responsibility. I asked you to pick a place out."

    a big thing i notice about these 'dates' are that people are being rude and overbearing on first (or early) dates. i cant believe all these people are being this harsh this early. are things being embellished a bit for better stories?

  6. I must say - chick here btw - that actually I have noticed lots of people getting really self-righteous or overbearing really fast on the dating scene of late. Almost as tho there was a virus spreading around that causes you to feel entitled to a perfect life partner picked off the shelf instead of builing that rapport yourself. Sure, some people are bad fits. But don't get all hissy at someone because they don't conform perfectly to your unspoken desires - you'll only end up posted here for us to laugh at.

  7. @anon 12:45

    totally agree with you.

  8. Apparently, being a mindreader is your responsibility too--according to her. Providing guidance and suggestions before you had gone to any trouble was hers, but she chose to ignore it in favor of being ill-tempered and rude.

  9. To Anonymous who said "are things being embellished a bit for better stories?"...I have to wonder if you have been living under a rock?! It's not a polite world out there. I seriously doubt any embellishment is needed. Why do you think this site does so well?

  10. she just seems like she is in what i call "the anti-social society" a society that hates each other

  11. I would have driven to a chinese restaraunt, told her this is my pick, and went in and ate.

  12. Nikki is correct. If a girl is interested in you then she will work with you, help you out so to speak.

    The OP should have taken the hint at the cold reaction during the arboretum. Said something to the effect of "you're not looking too well, I'll take you home now."

    Flush that phone number and get some new ones. It's a numbers game, compare to it job interviewing.

  13. JZ said...
    To Anonymous who said "are things being embellished a bit for better stories?"...?"...I have to wonder if you have been living under a rock?!

    gee, i guess i have been living under a rock, i have never had this trouble with a date before. or perhaps you have been living (or dating) in a trailer park? or a rehab facility? i guess i attract better dates than you. i never had to deal with such hostility.

  14. "If he's the one for you he'll know you want to go to Taco Johns even if you don't tell him!!"

    I bet you anything that this girl read that in a magazine and believed it.

  15. retarded girls are so much easier to please.


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