Priced Out of the Market

Submitted by Samuel:

I went to a party and stayed late, eventually helping the hostess clean up. She was wearing a really hot party dress and it seemed like she was making eyes at me all night. As she walked me out, we kissed, and I promised her that I'd be in touch.

And so I was. We talked on the phone, made plans, and met up. At dinner, we talked for a while about this and that, and we got onto the topic of her best guy friend. She talked my ear off about him.

Then I asked her when she'd be seeing him next and she said that she wasn't speaking with him and probably never would again. I asked her why not, and she said it was because he only got her a book for her last birthday.

I asked her what was wrong with a book, and she said that she expected more from a friend. "Just a book? Come on. How cheap can you be?"

I asked her what would have been a more suitable gift. She said, "I don't know. A gift card to a name designer's store. A book is so impersonal. They're mass produced."

I asked her what she had bought him for his birthday. She said that she had bought him a pack of sausages, "But that's different," she explained, "That's an inside joke between the two of us."

Was that all she had bought him for his birthday? Yep.

I said, "Maybe you're being too harsh on him. Never speaking to him again?"

She said, "Being cheap is a character flaw, and I deserve better! Like if you didn't pay for this dinner, you'd never hear from me again, no matter how much you cried or begged."

Wow. "Is that a promise?" I asked.

She nodded.

Well friends, I think you can guess the rest of this story. I ended up not paying for her portion, and all she said was, "Okay," accompanied by an eye roll.


  1. Whutacheapahole. Srsly.

  2. NICE! High-fives all around. *slap*

  3. Ugh. Girls like that give the rest of us a bad name.

    If it was some book he found in the "last-minute gift" section at a Barnes & Noble's, then yeah, it would be "impersonal." But if he bought her a book with HER in mind--her likes and dislikes, or a story he thought would touch her--then it goes beyond being a "cheap gift" and turns into something more. I've give and been given books for numerous occasions, and more often than not, they're some of my favorite gifts.

    And can someone please tell me how a *gift card* is less impersonal than a book?!

  4. So she was shallow AND dumb!! I mean, why give away her entire hand like that! She could've told you she was only into money AFTER you had paid the entire check!! Sheesh... ;)

  5. If I ever meet Samuel in real life, I shall buy him a beer.

  6. I agree Nikki. Men think that we are all selfish and materialistic because of girls like this. It really bothers me.

  7. Girls like this definitely give the rest of us a bad name. And, books are great gifts. Especially when someone takes the time to pick out a book that they really think you'd enjoy. I love getting books. And a gift card would be better how? It makes no sense.

  8. I think we should go dutch.

  9. so shes shallow, and you're shallow too. oh noes.

  10. Also, so what if your friend gets you a bad/impersonal gift? If they're really your best friend, it shouldn't matter if they get you a gift at all. My best friend in the world is a guy, and this year for my birthday he got me a bottle of liquor. Impersonal? Of course. Did I thank him profusely and did it have no bearing on the friendship whatsoever? Again, of course.

  11. Hey, c'mon, folks, don't be too rough on that pore gal. Really hot party dresses are expensive, and sometimes ya gotta pay to play...

  12. "Pay to play"? You mean hire a hooker? Speak for yourself, I've never had to resort to that. Women who only hook up with guys who have money, sugar babies, gold diggers, etc etc are just higher class prostitutes. When their looks fade, they usually end up dead or in a trailer park.

  13. Maybe she doesn't know how to read...

  14. Y Pay for dinner and then play "hide the sausage" , my bet, it was pale white and he hid it well.

  15. 7:31, not everyone in a trailer park goes there to prostitute or die. some really good meth is made there.


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