I Think I Was Involved in a Spy Drama

Submitted by Emma:

Ted and I agreed to meet at a bar.  When I made it there, he hadn't arrived yet, but another guy came up to me and asked me if I was waiting there for Ted. 

I asked him who he was, and he asked me again if I was waiting for Ted.  Then he asked me to follow him.

I stayed where I was - who was this guy after all? - and turned to order a drink.

The guy repeated that he thought it was best for me to follow him before Ted arrived.  It was really creeping me out, so I told him to either tell me who he was or leave me alone.  The guy took off, and Ted arrived a few minutes later.

The date went well for, I don't know, maybe about five minutes.  Ted seemed really friendly and interested in getting to know me.  Then he asked me really low if anything weird happened before he showed up.

I told him that a weird guy came by and asked me to go with him.  Ted banged on the bar and stood up.  He took out his phone.  "Reggie," he muttered, and excused himself to go outside.

I waited in the bar for about a half-hour before paying my tab and going outside to find Ted.  He wasn't there at all.  I went home.

Three days later, a text arrived from Ted.  It read, "Sorry am not."  Okay then.


  1. Hon, you really dodged a bullet there. I would have asked Ted right away who the weird guy was, though.

  2. Wierd guy could have been Ted's boy-toy.

  3. I wish that instead of muttering, he shook his fist at the sky and yelled "Reggie!"

  4. Clearly a game being played between buddies. There's no other reason for him to ask such a random questions as "Did anything weird happen before I got here?" unless he already knew about it. Might've been his out if you weren't hot enough or it might have been boys being boys.


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