Girls Just Want to Have Mugs

Submitted by Chris:

A friend of mine set me up with Melissa, a slim little thing with big glasses.  Melissa was really shy and never said more than she had to during the date, which consisted of dinner and a post-dinner coffee stop.

She was one of those people who you just can't make conversation with.

"What do you do for a living, Melissa?"

"I teach."

"What do you teach?"


"What drew you to that?"


I felt bad talking mostly about myself, so I didn't end up saying too much.  The second half of dinner was one of the most uncomfortable situations I've ever been in, as it passed in nearly complete silence save for an occasional, "Pass the bread."

Coffee (which I couldn't believe I had let it progress to) went about the same way, if not for one odd thing.  We passed by a display of handmade mugs in the coffee shop, and Melissa just stood there, transfixed.

She said, "I love handmade mugs.  These are so awesome."

She picked out five and bought them.  Finally, hoping that I had something on which to engage her, I began asking her questions about her love of handmade mugs.  That was it!  She went on forever about mugs, mug styles, different-colored mugs, the history of mugs... wow.  I learned so much about mugs that night.

I walked her to the door of her apartment afterward.  She turned to me and said, "You may kiss me upon my cheek."

I stared at her, and said, "Thanks.  Maybe someday.  Have a good night."  I turned and left.


  1. I had a date like that, minus the enthralling conversation about mugs.

  2. Your response to: "You may kiss me upon my cheek..."

    Should have been. "I would, but I don't like your ugly mug"

  3. Oh, Hammertime, that was a cheap mug shot! LOL

    Hey Jenn!

  4. "Thanks, maybe someday."


  5. You should have bent over, pulled your pants down and said "and you may kiss me upon mine"


  6. Asperger's, y'think?

  7. Definitely autism.

  8. @anonymous: I was thinking the same thing. Prolly Asperger's or some other autism spectrum syndrome


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