Dumb Guy. Smartphone.

Submitted by Ellie:

Mark was a friend of a friend, and the way that my friend talked him up, I half-expected the guy to be Jesus.  When he showed up, though, he couldn't wait to show me his smartphone.

He told me that he had just got it and that he was still figuring it out.  For most of the date, whenever I talked, his face was down on the device, tapping or typing.  Whenever he talked, it was mostly about his smartphone.

I drew the date to an early close, and he told me that he'd call or text me if he could ever figure out how to do either on his new phone.  I never heard from him, so I guess he never figured it out, but I'm not holding my breath over that one.


  1. Perhaps you are too hideously fugly to look at directly?

    Half-Jesus dates Medusa... you should have seen where that was going.

  2. crappy timing, who can get excited about a first date when you have a new phone to figure out?
    call the dude up and try it again, you may be screwing yourself out of a great time simply because you allow yourself to be jealous over a piece of electronics.

  3. Lucky for Mark to have an easy escape route. He obviously didn't like what he saw.

  4. Commenters #1 and #3 are rude. Why bother? This site's about bad dates- this definitely counts as a bad date.

  5. dude, I totally agree with leaving him. It's a phone, he should have the common decency to understand that actual face-to-face contact is more important than his toy.

    So many people let others get away with constantly being on their smartphones during conversations. If people find texting other people and checking their email so important they cant talk face-to-face, i say good riddance and let them date someone who also won't interact with them across a dinner table.

  6. I think both of you screwed up a great chance for wonderful time. If I were you I would have offered to help him figure it out the gadget. I bet you will be the first to get a text and numberous calls from it.


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