Date Was Dead on Arrival

Submitted by Jeff:

I was on my way to meet Lisa at a mall, from which we were going to do dinner, when she called me up to cancel last minute.  I asked her if everything was okay, and she said that it was a family thing.  I wished her well, we made plans to postpone, and that was that.

Five minutes after I was on my way home, she called back to say that she likely wouldn't have to cancel after all.  I asked if everything was okay, and she said that it was.  I turned around and headed back to the mall.

I had parked when she called again.  Guess what?  She'd have to cancel after all!  I asked her if she was absolutely sure, as I didn't want to spend the evening going back and forth.  She put me on hold for about ten minutes then returned to the line to tell me that she would be able to come out to meet me for a little bit.

I asked her if she was sure; if there was a family emergency, then I didn't want to be in the way.  She said that she was already on her way to meet me, so I figured that it was all taken care of, at least as far as I was concerned.

We met up and she asked if we could make a quick pit stop before dinner.  Where?

Turns out, her pit stop was the HOSPITAL.  Her cousin had overdosed on something or other and was in stable condition.

I told her that I wasn't too comfortable with the idea and that she should probably spend the time with her family without worrying about a date.  She said that it wouldn't take long and that she wanted me there for support.

At the hospital, we waited for over an hour to be admitted to see her cousin, who was comatose or asleep.  I held her hand and tried to be as supportive as possible.  When we finally made it to his room, she stared at him for less than a minute and said that we could go.

I asked her if she still wanted to hang out or if she wanted to spend the time with her family.  She said that she wanted to go home, and so she did.  Strangest first date I've ever had.


  1. Sorry dude, but this one made me LOL. Normally I would make fun of you, but you have suffered enough.

  2. Elizabeth R.1/09/2010 1:45 PM

    At least she was telling the truth - she really DID have a "family thing" that might have (should have)kept her from going out on a date. When I read that I thought it was a lie for sure.

  3. Not a good date, but I think you handled it with compassion.

  4. She must have been very, very hot.


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