Like Dodging a Loser Freight Train

Submitted by Amber:

As I was getting to know Bill, he told me that he had never been married and had no kids.  We arranged a first date together.

He seemed a little down during dinner.  I asked him what was wrong.  He said, "Nothing really.  My ex is doing some custody battle bullshit over our kids."

I reminded him that he said that he had no ex or kids.  He got pissed and said something like, "Why does every woman have to call me out on everything?  Can't I just meet someone who doesn't want to put my balls in a petri dish?"

I was a little shocked at this, as I'm sure you can imagine, and I began wondering what else he had lied about when he got a phone call, which he took.  I think it was one of his guy friends, who he joked around with and then started yelling at over the phone as if I wasn't even there.

I excused myself and left before he could stop me.  He called me up to scream me up and down, but coming from him, it didn't mean very much.


  1. Why you gotta call a guy out like that?

  2. What a psycho

  3. Not a psycho but surely a liar. Perhaps he thought he would not find a date if people knew of his prior marriage and kids.

  4. I couldn't fit my balls in a petri dish. You did well to avoid this small balled guy.

  5. I have to agree... RUN! RUN and don't look back.


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