Up, Up, and Away

Submitted by Vivian:

Drake asked me to meet him at the airport. Was he flying in from somewhere? No. He just wanted to go to the airport for our date.

We met up at a bar, where he came on like he owned the place. "Isn't this great? Have you ever been on a date in an airport before? Isn't this great?"

After he pounded back half a dozen drinks, he led me out of the bar and sat us near a big window, one that looked out onto the tarmac.

At first, I thought that he was humming to himself. Then I realized that he was making sound effects for the various planes, coming and going. Then he leaned over and repeated, "Have you ever been on a date in an airport before?"

I told him that I hadn't. At this point, I was planning my own "flight." This guy had paid more attention to his drinks than to anything else, he made airplane noises, and now he was looking at me, glancing at my lips, expectant.

I asked him why he had chosen an airport, and he told me that he was a guy who loved being different. I'm all for being different, but at least have a three-dimensional personality while doing it. This guy just drank and wanted more than I would ever be willing to give him.

I told him that I had a good time, but wanted to head back home. He lightly grazed his fingers over my arm and asked me if I'd rather find a custodian's closet and "take flight."

I told him, "No. I'd rather depart for home."

He put his head in his hands, mumbled, "Why does this always happen?" then looked out at the planes and said, "Fine. Bye."

Poor guy. Just sitting out there, looking at the planes...


  1. Looks like you took Creepy Airlines ::))

  2. Crash Landing...no survivors!

  3. Hehe.. "why does this always happen?" - take a hint bro.

  4. Six drinks from an airport bar? Guy must've been rich.

  5. @7:08...

    Somebody sounds a little bitter, eh?

  6. He's definitely got ways to go before he gets into the Mile High Club.

  7. So what did she see in this guy before that she went to the airport for a date????

    Oh...and 7:08....You are likely the knob that took her on that date. The only way you'll join the mile high club is with your right hand.


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