A Chin-Suckin' Good Time

Submitted by Lindsay:

Ned was a guy I met online. He seemed normal enough from our phone conversation, so I decided to meet him in person.

We met and ate at a local sushi restaurant, then took a walk near the waterfront. We ended up sitting on a park bench, overlooking the water. Although I don't normally kiss someone on a first date, I was having such a good time that I decided to let him go for it when he leaned in.

The kiss started off normal enough, but then... imagine my surprise when he began...

...sucking my chin.

Apparently the guy had never kissed a girl before, or chin sucking was his big turn on, because even as I tried to pull away his suction was more than I thought it was.

I finally was able to push him away, to which he replied, "Too fast?"

I pretended like this was the case... even though the main problem was the terrible chin-sucking kiss. I even had a red, semi-bruised chin afterwords.

When he asked me out for a second date, I (falsely) claimed that I had met someone else. If I ever see another woman with a bruised chin walking around the city, I will know he has found his next victim!


  1. Chin sucker = Wealthy, smart, and HUGE Johnson...your loss.

  2. As weird as it was, you could have corrected him so it didn't face future rejection. *shrug*

  3. It's better than being a nose sucker.

  4. A chin fetish? Jay Leno better watch his back.

  5. I'm with 5:06 on this one. Then again, I've never had a problem training a man to kiss properly.

  6. I don't agree that she should have corrected him, unless she wanted to. If something turns you off, it just turns you off. That doesn't make you a bad person.

  7. Had you been sucking his dick, your chin would have been out of reach.

  8. mirabelle gingerbread1/23/2010 1:28 AM

    I know nobody will read this, but I am shocked that no one called bullshit on this. no one here watches Sex & the City? seriously, at least try to come up with some ORIGINAL fake bad dates instead of ripping off a hit show. you even included the chin-bruise & everything! pathetic.

    season 3, episode 5. look it up on youtube or whatever, can't be arsed to write out the humongo link.

    1. I believe this is a fake post. Everyone knows Chin Sucking is Sexy


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