Take Me Away from You

Submitted by Farah:

Tim took me to a dinner/music club.  As soon as the music started, he jumped onto the dance floor, our dinner not even having been served yet.  I followed him up there, as it seemed like fun.

What wasn't fun was when the band did a cover of Toto's Africa, and he yelled out, "That's not how it goes!" and jumped up on stage, grabbed the lead's microphone, and sang a couple of words before they tackled him and kicked us out of the club, complete with a lifetime ban.

Tim blamed me, upset that I had chosen a place that allowed a band that played bad covers.  He dropped me off and never contacted me again.


  1. Anyone, band or individual, who screws up Africa, should be the one receiving the lifetime ban.

  2. He probably just hated your name. It sounds like Sarah, but with a "lifp."

  3. Any cover band who plays any Toto songs at all should receive a lifetime ban.

  4. @ anon 2:53

    You know they change all the names on here, right?

  5. At a bike rally, the guitar dude was trying to sing "House of the Rising Sun" when this huge dirty biker, missing a few front teeth, wearing overalls, barefoot, and Grizzly Adams beard, jumped up, said "that's not how it goes" then broke out in full song with a beautiful set of pipes and just wowed the entire crowd.

    I'm just sayin'.

  6. Submitter names aren't changed unless requested by the original poster. Other names, within the story, are.


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