Glowers and Flowers

Submitted by Harry:

Before we met, Stella and I traded e-mails and at one point we got on the topic of flowers.  She said that she liked them very much, especially wildflowers.  I thought it would be nice to bring her a small bouquet of them and then bring her to a botanic garden for a first meet-up.

I have to confess that I don't know much about flowers, so I went to a local florist and asked for wildflowers for the bouquet.  When I brought them to Stella, I told her that they were wildflowers, just as she liked, but she said, "Uh... these aren't wildflowers."  Okay.  It was nice of me to bring you flowers in the first place, wasn't it?

When we went to the botanic garden, she complained about her feet the entire time.  There was plenty of walking to be sure, although I asked her over and over if she wanted to sit down or even if she wanted to go somewhere else, like a tea shop or somewhere where we could just sit.  She said that she'd be fine, but whenever there was more walking, she'd complain again.

I became tired of her complaints, so we ended up at a coffee place after all.  It was an independent little shop, and she complained about their tea selection.  We sat down and she complained about the seats.  Then she complained about how warm it was.  She asked a barista to turn the heat down, which they did.  Then she complained about how cold it was.  "They turned it down really low just to spite me," she said.

She took a phone call right in the middle of the date.  "I'm on a date," she told whoever it was who was calling.  She continued, "It's going okay.  Nothing amazing."

After her call was over, I finished my tea and offered to take her home.  "That's it?" she asked, "We're not doing anything else?"

I'd be doing plenty more, just not with her.


  1. wild flowers are just that, growing wild. you can't buy them at a florist.
    when she says her feet hurt, it means she wants to sit down for a while.
    most quaint little tea shops, suck. plain and simple. unless you know the person and their tastes well, stick to a chain with a large selection.
    it was amazing however, at how you totally ignored common sense and went on a first date doing something you know absolutely nothing about, she should have taken the initiative and educated you a little more on flowers, but i would guess she probably knew very little about the subject herself, just mentioned that to sound interesting.
    next time, get yourself a hooker, their subject interest is universal for men.

  2. LOL you personally attacked me 5 times, called me "asshole" 3 times,dick 1 time, tool (?) once,(who uses that anymore?).

    then call me a sour person that cannot contain my spite and contempt?

    I would make fun of you, but picking on 'tards was only fun until the 3rd grade. You have a blessed day.

  3. You did a fantastic job, Harry, and I'm sure you had tons more fun during her day after you took her back home. Some girls just can't appreciate a nice gesture when you see one. Sounds like a real princess to me; you're better off without someone so high maintenance.

  4. Unanimous. Anon # 1; a trifecta of sheer douchery.

    You should find the woman in this blind date and hang out. Unfortunately for the people who know you, you two have much in common.

  5. I have a real name. You guys can call me by it.
    My opinion is that yes, wildflowers are wild and you probably got screwed over by the florist. Quaint little tea shops may win you indie-brownie points but that's not needed on a first date, OP probably should have stuck with a chain with a large selection.
    I wouldn't personally have reacted like that to her complaining or phone call. I would have made a joke, poke fun at her a little to make her see how she's taking everything too seriously. I would have pretended to have to go to the bathroom so she could have had a little privacy but then again, that's just me.

  6. Not to sound like a broken record, but Anon#1 is a raging bag of douche...

  7. Wowee Will. Good for you.

    Posting anonymously isn't only because we want to hide. We might not have an account.

    You can call me whatever you like. Anon is fine.

  8. I bet "Will" is the subject of half the "Written by a Girl" posts on this blog.

  9. People posting as anons are probably doing it because they don't want to sign up for an account with a blog that frequently features ads for mail order brides on the sidebars. However, we still feel the need to let Will know he isn't as awesome as he seems to think he is.

  10. I just have a Gmail -shrugs-

    "They turned it down really low just to spite me." That made me laugh pretty damn hard. Wow, oh boy. Can we all just agree that chicks suck, and well, that's all they're really good for anyway ;)

  11. She sounds miserable. You sound sweet.

  12. Anyone who says "Have a blessed day" is guaranteed to be a complete d-bag.

    Have a NICE day, Anon #1, works just fine without the need to show everybody what a great Christian you are.

  13. If a guy made the effort and bought me flowers of any kind, I would be flattered. If a guy brought me to a little cafe, I would be happy to try something new. You just went out with the wrong girl. Some of us are nice and fun and not like the stuck up bitch you got stuck on a date with. Keep trying. As for "Will", suck it dude.

  14. Ohhhh the internet. When it bites back, it bites HARD.

  15. Btw Will/Anon#1 my family owns a flower shop and you can buy wild flowers. All flowers at some point are wild, but there are specific types of flowers that are catergorized as wild: daisy, blue bonnets, foxgloves, asters and many others, all of which can be bought at a flower shop. So before you make a statement about not being able to get wild flowers at a flower shop know what you are talking about and stop commenting, you just keep sounding more and more like a douche bag.

  16. Hey anon #1! You could hook up with Will! He's perfect! You could discuss wildflowers!

  17. Anon #1 @ 7.18

    'dumass'? Well played.

  18. anon1, Will and anon12:59 are all the same person.

  19. Agree. Anon1, anon 12:59, and Will are the same pathetic loser. I feel sorry his mom gave birth to him.

    To 'Harry' (or the original poster), please keep being as nice as you were. I'm sure you'll meet a nice girl soon. Don't let that annoying, stuck-up woman ruin your manners.

  20. no 2:21 we are not.
    here is a really new concept you have probably never thought of before, not everyone agrees with your opinion, most don't even care what you think.

  21. Y'all don't have to have a profile in order to sign with your name. All you have to do is type in your response, and then under this box do you see the pull down "comment as" window? Right above anonymous is name/url. Select it. Type in a name. Proceed as usual.

    Now - flowers on a first date is lovely. Planning an event based on what you believed were her interests, awesome. Being attentive to her apparent discomfort/disatisfaction is polite and very nice to see. She racked up many strikes against herself but for me she nailed it with the comment on the phone. And I would have told her so.

  22. @12:59
    A botanical garden is not "the woods." In fact, it's a cultivated GARDEN, hence the name. Most botanic gardens are well cared after and have paths and places to rest and sit scattered throughout; the one at my university has a gazebo and picnic benches.

    I can't make judgements about the place OP took this girl to, but just because it is an independent place does not mean it is a "shitty hole in the wall." I know an independent tea lounge and a coffee house, and a boba tea cafe in my area, and all three are very nice places. The tea lounge has a reasonably sized selection, and a very large collection of different teas; the coffee lounge has a much larger selection than any chain cafe, and has actual filling food instead of the "baked goods and oatmeal" selection Starbucks offers. The boba place also has a reasonable selection. None of these places are holes in the wall and are well looked after. They also serve as galleries for local artists. They're very nice.

    I wouldn't call a trip to a botanical garden and then an independent coffee shop a miserable time at all. They're both very enjoyable things. This girl was a bitch.

  23. Anon#1/Will's idea of a great date is plainly McDonald's. No walking, and it's a chain. What a douche.

  24. Wow. To be honest, the woman probably wrote you off when you showed up with store-bought flowers thinking they were wild. I would have done the same thing, just based on logical assumptions about your level of attention. The definition of the flowers is in their title - they are WILD. Growing free, not on display in a store. Not to hard to figure out (or to google at the least).

  25. Botanic Garden date?!? Jealous!


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