Don't Lose that Number

Submitted by Russell:

I met Andrea on the Internet, then took her out for dinner and coffee.

Early on, she got a phone call that she said that she had to take.  I thought it was pretty rude, especially when most of the conversation on her end included phrases such as, "So did he ask you for your number?"  "What was he wearing?"  "He did not say that!"  "And you let him do it?"  "Ha ha ha ha ha, what a loser!"

About five minutes were spent like this when she said that she had another call coming through.  She switched and this one was even more interesting.  "Where are you?"  "I can't hear you."  "Can I call you back?"  "Where are you?"  "Where are you?"  "Where are you?"  "Where are you?"

I frowned at her.  She mouthed, "Sorry," but remained on the phone.

A minute later, she hung it up, then dialed a number.  She said, "Sorry.  I have to call my friend back.  Boy trouble."

"Was tonight a bad night for this?" I asked, meaning the date.

She said, "Don't be silly.  Let me just call my friend back.  Drama!"  She smiled at me, but I didn't return the smile.

Finally, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and called her up myself.  "Hello?" she answered.

I said, "Hi Andrea.  How are you?"

She was silent, then asked, "What are you doing?  I don't understand."

I said, "This is the only way I figured we'd be able to talk tonight.  How's everything?  What are you up to?"

Silence.  Then, "I have to go.  My friend's waiting on the other line."

Ah, fun.  She was off the phone by the time I went back to the table, but I was thoroughly checked out of that date by then.


  1. thx for a fun read so early in the am. LOVE your site. keep up the great work!

  2. I wouldn't have gone back to the table...

  3. A little thin skinned on your part.

    It was rude of her, but really not a big deal.

  4. Not a big deal to be on the phone for the entirety of a date? Maybe I'm getting old...

  5. why do you think she was available for a date?

  6. internet dating, how about next time, you ask how much time they spend on the phone.

  7. I have to agree with 3:54. When you go on a date, you are there to spend time with that person, and it's rude to ignore them like that.

    Polite behaviour is just not something you find very often anymore.

  8. I'm wondering how old she was cause she sounds like a high school kid.

  9. I think it's funny that on this site, there's gonna be someone defending each member of the bad date, even if one person's clearly in the wrong.

    Anon #3, it's completely fucking rude for someone to ignore their date in favor of the goddamn phone. I can understand answering once, hearing what they have to say, and being like "sorry, on a date. I'll call you back, ok?" Or hell, NOT answering and just texting or something. Basically that chick was being a selfish cunt and didn't care about the guy. I'm glad he did something about it.

  10. You shoulda called while you were pooping and put the phone to the toilet as poop came out and flushed and then came back and shook her hand wtih tpoop.


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